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Mar 19, 2010 12:12 PM

Good sandwiches etc, Acton, Littleton area

I will be in the Acton, Littleton area tomorrow Sat March 2oth around lunch time, and iam in need of some recs for a good casual soup/ salad/ sandwich type place for lunch, Hopefully with some vegetarian chains, kinda local, out of the way type place would be great,anything that is good, good value and not a chain. any good ice cream places open yet, as well???? TIA!

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  1. I like Sweet Bites Cafe in West Acton. Super casual but pleasant vibe, not a chain. Not super cheap, but better quality than lots of what's in the area. I usually dislike anything sweet in my savory dishes, but I do like the Chicken Tarragon with grapes and almonds on crusty ciabatta. I also like the BLT with grilled chicken. They also have three or four veggie sandwiches choices, as well as a few salads. The breakfast sandwiches and homefries were quite good the one time that I had them, and it says the breakfast menu is available all day.

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      Thanks! This sounds exactly the type of place iam looking for! I'll let you know how it was, thanks again!

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        Thanks for the rec of "Sweet Bites Cafe" in West Acton, its exactly what i was looking for! We both had a sandwich with portobellos, carmelized onions, cheese, greens on their fanastic ciabatta..we also had desert, 2 differnt kinds of biscotti, ginger and mollasses ice cream and green tea ice cream, plus decaf. We also got the last two ginger/white chocolate scones..they were great as well..i certainly will revist there when iam in the area again. GO Chowhounds!

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          I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I haven't had that sandwich yet, but it sounds great. We occasionally get takeout at work for lunch, so I'll have to give it a try next time.

          The donut muffins are tasty, too. Never tried the ice cream, though...sounds great.

    2. I don't know if it's still around, but my dad and I used to go to Savory Lane in Acton, I think it was. At any rate, I remember it as being good.

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        Thanks for the tip re: "Savory Lane", we can check that out also if its still around!

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          I tried Savory Lane once and the sandwich i got was so small/pathetic/expensive that i never went back.

          You can get a pretty decent sandwich at Idylwilde farms. Even if you dont get a lunch there its worth checking out. Great cookies too.

          Funny how with Sweet Bites you say you got the "last two scones".. Thats my problem with the place and why i never go in anymore. I have given up on them. Anytime i go in, its always the dreggs left.. The case has like 1 muffin a scone and a cookie or a couple bagels. I guess its a timing thing but it seems later in the day, especially on weekends they have nothing left to sell but coffee. Maybe its changed.

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            gee, i wouldnt give up on them! we were there on a Saturday around 1 ish in the afternoon, to my way of thinking is that they probably dont make a lot of one thing, except what they know they are going to sell, so that the baked goods are fresh..the scones were very fresh and delicious. They seemed to have lots of baked goods at the time so maybe later in the day it might be different, give them another shot!

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              Did they have any cupcakes when you were there? Their website shows about 24 various kinds (says daily selection varies). Im thinking this is something new since they never have had them when i was there. It has changed names at least 1 time so i could be confusing renditions

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                Yes, LOTS of cupcakes, we wanted to try the Biscotti and also the ice cream, which were both great by the way, so we passed on the cupcakes. iam not sure if they had 24 varieties when we were there, but it was a goodly amount!

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                  I will have to check it out again. Like i said its changed names 4-5 times since i have been in the area and i may not have been to the latest version..

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                    I've had the same problem with Sweet Bites - occasionally I go in to give them another chance because they're fairly close, and they never seem to have anything I want, let alone much of anything period. I usually leave empty handed. Maybe I don't go when they're best stocked, but what's the point of a food place that can't be relied on to have food? I've gotten to see them as a coffee place that does some food as an afterthought. (Since I don't drink coffee that doesn't do me much good.)

                    Sandwiches (and pretty much everything else) at Idylwilde Farms are quite good. They only do sandwiches until something like 4pm, wish it were later.

                    I find all the food at Savory Lane is pretty good and there's a good variety. I've never had anything there I would quite describe as pathetic but it's true value can be all over the place. Some things are big portions for the money and some things seem rather overpriced for what you're getting.

                    Ichabod's in Acton (Mediterranean specialties) has some pretty good stuff, although they also suffer from sandwiches seeming expensive for what you get. (Though I just looked at the menu online and wonder if they may have reduced their prices a bit, dunno.) Only thing is they have been really slow every single time I go there, no matter what I order, even if they're not busy at all. So may not be the best choice if you're in a hurry.

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                      :) my last time at Savory lane i got a corned beef sandwich. There were no other customers there yet it still took forever for them to make my expensive sandwich. They handed it to me and i almost laughed. It was tightly wrapped up in paper to go and i could have easily carried it home in my shirt pocket it was so small. I swear it seemed the thing was like the size of a deck of cards! I couldnt believe i had just paid close to $10 for the thing and swore never to go there again.

      2. Next town over, but Meat Again in Westford has nice deli sandwiches for takeout. It's a good butcher shop in general.

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          Agree that Meat Again is a nice place.