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Indian in Boston [split from Southern New England Board]

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Kashmir sounds like Northern Indian....do you know if they have South Indian dishes? Also, just talked with hubby and he thinks he'll be done with his business by Friday evening. Since he bagged a super-cheap flight on Southwest, he doesn't want to change his scheduled Sat. evening flight and pay the extra. So his current plan is to drive in to Boston early Sat. from Randolph (where his room is paid for) and spend the day in town. Anywhere for South Indian in Boston? It seems to me there was a place in Cambridge that we tried to find when we were there in June and never did find...anyone remember? I'll try and find the discussion I had about it here....

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  1. Mantra is the only Indian restaurant in Boston I know of that is highly rated.
    52 Temple Pl
    Boston, MA 02111
    (617) 542-8111