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Mar 19, 2010 10:44 AM

New Hot Oil in Stamford

Pizza-Bistro 112 on Broad across from Landmark tower, which flies under the radar on these boards, and which offers a selection of good Wolfgang Puck typet pizzas, added a Hot Oil to their menu this week. When I asked if it was like Colony, the waitress said yes.

Ordered it rather than my standard garlic chicken to see how close it was. The pie was excellent, made with cherry peppers and olive oil, but far more cheesy with lots of basil, and a softer thin crust. Good, but not Colony. An interpretation, a riff on a theme. Even the manager admitted, "nothing's like Colony."

I rank 112 with Coalhouse, but below Colony.. And lots better than Remo's around the corner, which does a very brisk business. The big Italian family that runs it is on site, attentive, and hard working. . Great pre or after movie joint and easier than teeming Bedford St. on a summer's night.

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  1. How big are their pizzas? Seems they only offer one size?

    Walking distance between where I work and the train station. And I actually walk by it all the time going to the bank. Huh...may have to check this place out.

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    1. re: LorenV

      2 can share. Or 1 and take home.

      Oblong and cut into easy-to-handle squares. Change of pace from triangle slices.. Served on metal stand. The garlic chicken and savory sausage are my faves. Avoid the clam. They are skimpy with the bivalves and not in same same league with Tarry or Pepe.

      If alone, I like to eat at the bar...

      1. re: louuuuu

        Thanks for the info. I'm cool with square or rectangle slices. If it's good enough for the New Haven joints it's good enough for me.