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Mar 19, 2010 09:38 AM

Trader Joe's Glatt Beef

For those interested-the Trader Joe's in Westport, CT is carrying Teva Natural Angus Beef (same as I've seen in Costco)-prices are a little higher than Costco and selection is not as good, but still a great thing, and I assume that if it's in Westport it's in other places too. It is OU certified.

This is NOT the same as the Trader Joe's brand kosher beef, certified by the Triangle-K.

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  1. thats the brand thats being carried at costco in westbury, its GREAT stuff

    1. They are carrying it at my TJs in the Seattle area too. (fyi)

      1. Trader Joe's in Hewlett, NY also carries the Teva meats alongside the Triangle-K certified ones and the Empire ground turkey.

        Haven't yet checked the Manhattan 14th St store or the Brooklyn location.

        1. TJ's in Darien also is carrying Teva (85/15 ground beef, thick-cut Angus ribeyes, roasts, and some cubed chuck) alongside their solid assortment of Empire organic and non-organic poultry products. I live in Stamford, but TJ's prices are better than Stop & Shop, where the beef is Meal Mart (I'll hold off comment on the quality or lack thereof). I spoke to the meat manager at TJ this evening and he told me he is dumping $1,000+ worth of kosher meat every week due to slow sales. Not many Jews in Darien, the most blue-blood town in CT, but I suggested he get the word out through Agudath Sholom and YI newsletters. Would be a shame to lose the TJ option... at least until Fairway opens in Stamford this summer!

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            The Trader Joe's on the Post Road? Which Stop & Shop has kosher meat? I work in Bridgeport and wouldn't mind knowing where I can stop by to pick some meat up.

            1. re: craigcep

              Yes, Trader Joe's on Post Road in Westport. Stop & Shop in Stamford and Westport both often carry Meal Mart beef, though supply is not always consistent.

              ELG-we are having the same problem at our TJ in Westport-of course, it doesn't help that it is going on the shelves less than a week before its expiration date (it usually is shelf-stable for a month). One of my congregants has had a couple of spoiled pieces, though everything I've gotten has been great. They also do not understand the difference between the TJ brand (Triangle-K) and the Teva. Is Darien the closest TJ to you in Stamford? I have already been speaking to the manager at the Westport one. Feel free to contact me at if I can be of assistance, as I'm sure Rabbi Cohen and Rabbi Krimsky will be helpful as well.

            2. re: elg170

              We had these steaks from the Darien TJs this past shabbat. Best steaks I've made. The steaks were nearly 2 inches thick, full flavored and well marbeled. Highly recommended.

            3. For those interested, I've been advised Teva has bought up Rabashkin's facility. Meat is now being imported from Uraguay, but it's possible that the Iowa slaughter facility may be re-opened, on a "sound business basis." Reports from here in Berkeley where, believe it or not there are a number of devoted carnivores, are that the quality is excellent. We've heard that TJ is selling Teva's meat on a trial basis to see if it sells. Some people here have bought as much as they could afford and store hoping to keep it available

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              1. re: lburrell

                there seems to be a misunderstanding the Teva brand glatt meat being carried by Trader Joes, is produced by Golden west.

                1. re: cwsilverberg

                  I don't see any reference to Teva there-can you confirm? Sounds great!

                  1. re: ravyossi

                    the teva label states that it is produced by golden west i think.

                  2. re: cwsilverberg

                    So after some research it seems the Teva brand is owned by a company called Golden west trading
                    but the meat is produced in Denver Co

                    and golden west kosher beef is produced in denver co
                    so they all seem to be related.
                    you can always contact teva directly to find out.

                    1. re: cwsilverberg

                      That's good enough for me-thanks for the info! There is also a brand at Costco called Colorado Kosher, their hechsher is the OK not the OU-They are produced by someone called Auerbach Meats, also in Denver.

                      1. re: ravyossi

                        We actually just used the Colorado Kosher ground beef this past weekend for some hamburgers and it was quite good. Going to make some ribeye steaks this friday night and see how those turn out. I've also noticed you can find Les Petit farmers cheese (mozzerella) at costco recently in addition to some meal mart products (corned beef) and empire kosher chicken breasts. Does anyone know if the tillamook kosher cheddar is under a reliable hasgacha? Never seen that symbol before.

                        1. re: kosherdoc

                          Tillamook only makes one cheese that is kosher, a cheddar, and it has the symbol of Kehilla Kosher from Los Angeles. This is the same hashgacha as the Heart K, which is very reliable, just a different symbol.