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Mar 19, 2010 08:46 AM

Breakfast/Brunch near Conshy?

I'm looking for suggestions for a place to grab a casual breakfast/brunch near Conshohocken this weekend. Menu doesn't need to be creative, but I'm looking for a place with good (not greasy) food and some good strong coffee. Any suggestions?

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  1. You could try the new Andy's Diner on Ridge least one poster thinks it may be the finest establishment in the area. But seriously, I had an omelet there and thought it was perfectly adequate.

    Bruno's in Lafayette Hill is always good. There's also Hymie's in Lafayette Hill.

    1. I'm not sure if breakfast comes non-greasy unless you eat oatmeal (grin), but here are some recommendations....Boccelli's on Fayette Street prepares a wonderful breakfast if you can ignore how extremely casual the place is. If you go to Boccelli's, order an omelet. Hard to believe an omelet can be so delicious! Someone I know loves breakfast at Friendly's (yes, Friendly's) on Ridge Pike near Bells Mill Road on the border of Roxborough and Conshohocken. Hymie's in the Lafayette Hill mini-shopping center should be able to produce a decent breakfast. .....but my even better choice for breakfast is on the Johnson Highway in Norristown, "Astoria". It's superior to Ray's (on Germantown Pike two miles away) in terms of price and quality/quantity of food although it's not as attractive as Ray's. If you go to Astoria, order the corned beef casserole with poached eggs for breakfast. NOT GREASY and perfectly cooked. Fast, efficient service at Astoria.

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        IMO McDonalds is far superior to Rays. That place is simply awful. I had won a free meal voucher for there over the summer and was hesitant to use it. If I somehow get one again, I'll give it away on Freecycle!

      2. The reviews of Andy's seem to be getting better... I think the first week was kind of rough. We eat quite a bit at their sister resto, the Blue Bell Diner and have never had a bad breakfast. We haven't gotten to Andy's yet but plan on it in the next few weeks.

        I agree with the poor reviews of Ray's. It was pretty good when we first moved to the area 5 years ago, but our last couple visits were abysmal. We won't be back.