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Mar 19, 2010 08:33 AM

Where To Buy The Best Marinated Fajitas To Grill

I will be traveling to Wimberley, TxX(Hill Country) in April and we want to purchase the best products to grill chicken and beef or pork Fajitas and side dishes. We are staying out away from the city and wanted to purchase our products either in Dallas or between Dallas and Wimberley (San Marcos/Austin area). I want tender meat that we can grill and authentic Mexican food to make a great meal for my family of 10.

Appreciated your suggestions.


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  1. If we're not up for marinating our own skirt steak, we buy the packaged product from HEB. I have no clue whether or not it's the "best," but it's certainly good. There's never any left over.

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      Another vote for H-E-B fajitas....we like both the beef and chicken. You can also purchase their pico de gallo (hot or mild), and it's a wonderful accompaniment to fajitas. Some H-E-Bs carry a mango variety that's even better. And, while you're at it, get some of their fresh tortillas that are made in-house...these are usually available in regular, whole wheat, butter, or southwest.

    2. I've used the HEB, Hill Country Fare, which is HEB's low price brand, and Eddy's, out of Yoakum. I wouldn't buy the HCF again. The Eddy's was tenderest and tastiest I thought but too salty for my taste so I only tried it once, so HEB is the winner of those three.

      If you're really looking for a premium product you might check out the Central Markets in Austin on your way through. That's an HEB store but very upscale and may sell a better quality of beef for fajitas in their butcher department? You can just buy what you need instead of having to take a whole cry-o-vac pack.

      I think next time I want to do fajitas (beef), I'm going to check out some of the carnicerias around me in Houston; most of them I've been in do their own, too. You might also post on the Austin board about this and ask for recommendations of good butchers or carnicerias in Austin.

      I've never bought (nor made) chicken fajitas so I can't help there.

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        I go to El Tiempo market next to the restaurant on Washington. They bought an existing carneceria/taqueria, I can't remeber the name, but they've kept it the same. They have two different types, regular fajitas and what they call arrechara, both either marinated or not. The arrechara costs more, but it is definitely a better product. I buy yhe non-marinated and do it myself.

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          Arrachera al carbon is the name in Spanish I think, or something like that. Interesting. Is it grass fed? That used to be a Matamoros Meat Mkt and the Matamoros on Chimney Rock is one of the places where I saw the 'fajitas' I was referring to, and they looked good but I didn't inquire about them.

          This sounds very good. I think I'm going to do this sooner rather than later.

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            You know, as you're beginning your trip in Dallas, you might ask for suggestions on the Dallas board.

            Or, you might just buy the skirt steak and marinate it yourself. There are lots of recipes online.

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              You've jogged my memory. El Tiempo Market was a Matamoros. The arrachera is worth the extra money, but I have no idea if it is grass fed.

              1. re: James Cristinian

                I have loved hearing from all of you and each have been a great help for names and places to stop and shop. I love to find the unexpected good places that usually the locals only know about. Looking forward to my trip and stopping off at one of your suggestions.

                Thanks again.

        2. La Michoacana Meat Market in Austin has good meat and products.

          La Michoacana Meat Market
          2510 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78221

          1. Texas Meat Purveyors has the best fajitas I have ever eaten.

            1. Here is an easy recipe from stubb's it's pretty good.