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Mar 19, 2010 07:40 AM

underground eating in san diego

It seems that there are a number of "underground" food clubs and events happening here in San Diego. Some, like Prohibition and Noble Experiment, seem to put on a show of secrecy & exclusiveness in order to generate buzz. But even though these clubs might be enjoyable to visit, they are not genuinely underground.

I came upon this link to what looks like a genuinely underground dining experiment -- an April 1st Feast of Fools, hosted by a local circus -- and wonder whether anybody is familiar with the circus or the chefs.

Sounds intriguing. The last time I was the first person to post about an establishment it was Bruno’s. Maybe my mojo is working again?

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  1. Don't know about the food, but zirkubu performed at the Sushi Red Ball and was pretty amazing. Zirkubu and gastronomy?

    Could be ....

    1. Interesting link, I wish they woud eleborate about what type of chow offerings they may be serving or have offered in the past.

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        You're right they should have included some such info. I've sent an email, and will report back with their response.

      2. Zirkubu is always fun. From circus acts to humorous skits to puppetry to the often bizarre. We're biased, some friends in the group; but you will be entertained. No idea what they're serving but think we'll find out.

        1. The people at Zirk Ubu finally got back to me. Here's the menu. Sounds tasty. And I appreciate the fact that they offer a veggie course, since I have no interest in the pork. nosiree. even though i do love me the whole grain mustard.

          Think I'm gonna go, since y'all say that Zirk Ubu puts on a good show as well.

          Spinach Potato Soup with croutons

          Pork tenderloin roulade (whole grain mustard, thyme, parsley, rosemary, roasted garlic)
          Balsamic Pressed Tofu

          White beans / mustard greens / carrots and pea tendril salad

          Hangop (yoghurt mousse)

          1. The original comment has been removed