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Mar 19, 2010 07:37 AM

Hooray for Vermont cheeses winning awards!

Swiss and Austrian cheesemakers took top honors Thursday at the 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, beating out some 2,300 entries from 20 countries ranging from Argentina to Switzerland.

But three Vermont cheesmakers made the list, too:

-- Soft Goat's Milk Cheeses: Adeline Druart & Team, Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery, Websterville, Vt.

-- Smear Ripened Semisoft Cheeses: Jeremy Stephenson, Farms for City Kids Foundation, Reading, Vt.

-- Bandaged Cheddar, Sharp to Aged: May Leach and Mateo Kehler, Cabot Creamery at The Cellars at Jasper Hill, Montpelier, Vt.

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  1. We're # Honorable Mention! When # Honorable Mention!