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Mar 19, 2010 05:42 AM

Outdoor Dining in Montgomery County, PA (Near Ambler)

With the warm weather approaching, I was looking for a casual bar/restaurant to grab a few drinks and appetizers this weekend. But, unlike the city, there just aren't too many places around with outdoor seating. Can anyone recommend a casual, reasonably-priced bar/restaurant in the Ambler, PA vicinity with an outdoor seating area?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Arpeggio in Springhouse has some outdoor seating and Springhouse Tavern has a newish outdoor deck. Arpeggio will be much quieter as it's in a shopping center and Springhouse is right on the road. Toner's Beef & Ale in Ft Washington also has a new outdoor patio but I don't know if they opened it yet. Blue Bell Inn used to have some outdoor seating and is really no expensive depending on what you're having.

      As an aside, Springhouse Tavern has always been considered an old folks kind of place.

      1. I have the same dilemma, I am always looking for outdoor seating options. I definitely agree with the other recommendations, Trax and Arpeggio are favorites of mine. Also in Ambler, KC's alley has a small outdoor patio actually in the alley, Dettera has a nice outdoor section (also in the alley) with a pretty outdoor fireplace.

        I often go to Chestnut Hill for outdoor seating as well, Cafette has a nice patio as does Solaris and Chestnut Hill hotel (though for the latter two the ambiance far outweighs the food and service which I am not a fan of at either place).

        1. In Ambler I'll second the recommendations of Trax and KC's alley. They each have a different vibe, but both are great. KC's Alley is a bar with good bar food. Trax is an excellent BYO with really excellent food. It's located in a train station and you can eat on the porch.
          Not too far away in Jenkintown is West Ave grill, which has outside seating and also Drake's Tavern.

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            Ooooh yes, West Ave Grill! We just found that place last summer... love it!

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              The Whitpain Tavern has outdoor seating.

              In Ambler I think Saffron has 1 table outside. Although when I went there to pick up dinner Friday night there was a wait inside and the outdoor table was unused.

              Personally wouldn't recommend Trax. I thought it was extremely pricy (even being BYO) and the food and service was mediocre at best.

              1. re: AmblerGirl

                Ambler Girl - West Ave Grille Two just opened in the Dresher Shopping Center (where Carambola's used to be). Same menu, and a lot closer to Ambler!

            2. If you want to go to Glenside (not far from Ambler), Athena Greek restaurant, across from the Keswick, has a nice outdoor space. It's BYOB, but we frequently see people there with coolers of beer in addition to wine. Union Jacks, also in Glenside/North Hills is a local fave. Your basic bar, with basic bar food and a deck on the side. Huge selection of beers.