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Mar 19, 2010 05:37 AM


In expanding my cooking skills, I decided to start "baking" and doing desserts. I dislike measuring at all, but figured this would be good for me. So, I started doing desserts and my husband would bring them to work.

I started taking requests and I got one for Lemon Bars. I've never made them and I think I found a great recipe from a blog online. However, it said that the blogger preferred meyer lemons over Eureka (apparently the standard in stores?) I had no clue.

Are these lemons I can find at Kowalskis or Cub or are they like finding key limes, difficult to find.

Can you let me know where I can find these before I trapse around the city...or am I just silly and I can find these at ANY store?

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  1. I know that Byerly's in Eagan has meyer lemons. I'd expect Kowalskis to have them too. Don't know about Cub or Rainbow as I refuse to shop there (too many sightings of meat in the cereal aisle and you KNOW they just put that stuff back in the meat case. Ick!).

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      Seige-that is too funny! I shop at Cub on University for a few ethnic items but I have to agree with you - no meat. Scary.

    2. They had them at Linden HIlls co-op last time I was there.

      1. They have them at Mississippi Market. I know that for sure, because I almost accidentally bought them instead of regular lemons! Have fun baking - lemon bars are delish!

        1. Lund's has them. Our coop does not (Eastside).

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            i saw them at eastside this week-- $1.99/lb (organic)

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              Hot diggity! Nice find soupkitten...thanks.

          2. The Wedge consistently has them.

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              I KNEW this was the place to get my answer! Thanks everyone