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In expanding my cooking skills, I decided to start "baking" and doing desserts. I dislike measuring at all, but figured this would be good for me. So, I started doing desserts and my husband would bring them to work.

I started taking requests and I got one for Lemon Bars. I've never made them and I think I found a great recipe from a blog online. However, it said that the blogger preferred meyer lemons over Eureka (apparently the standard in stores?) I had no clue.

Are these lemons I can find at Kowalskis or Cub or are they like finding key limes, difficult to find.

Can you let me know where I can find these before I trapse around the city...or am I just silly and I can find these at ANY store?

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  1. I know that Byerly's in Eagan has meyer lemons. I'd expect Kowalskis to have them too. Don't know about Cub or Rainbow as I refuse to shop there (too many sightings of meat in the cereal aisle and you KNOW they just put that stuff back in the meat case. Ick!).

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      Seige-that is too funny! I shop at Cub on University for a few ethnic items but I have to agree with you - no meat. Scary.

    2. They had them at Linden HIlls co-op last time I was there.

      1. They have them at Mississippi Market. I know that for sure, because I almost accidentally bought them instead of regular lemons! Have fun baking - lemon bars are delish!

        1. Lund's has them. Our coop does not (Eastside).

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            i saw them at eastside this week-- $1.99/lb (organic)

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              Hot diggity! Nice find soupkitten...thanks.

          2. The Wedge consistently has them.

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              I KNEW this was the place to get my answer! Thanks everyone

            2. Trader Joe's also carries them.

              1. I don't know why, but I've seen meyer lemons in two stores this week, Cub ($1.29/lb.) and Bob's Produce Ranch in Fridley (3/$1). Meyer lemons are a cross between a Eureka lemon (regular) and a mandarin orange. The meyer lemon looks more like an orange than it does a regular lemon. It still tastes like a lemon but is a little less acidic. Some people equate less acid to a more sweet taste. They're still not really sweet but a little less tart.

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                  I report back. I got the Meyer lemons at Kowalskis ($2.99/lb) b/c I was going to do a 1/2 and 1/2 with Eurekas (Supertarget-2 for $1). The recipe turned out well but I didn't use the Meyers at all. I put a little of the rind in with the Eureka rind but truthfully? I agree -- I thought it tasted like lemon pledge! I made a face. I don't know. The blogger who had the lemon bar recipe using Meyer lemons lived in a citrus state with a meyer lemon tree---but I think my recipe came out better with Eurekas! Thanks for all the help!

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                    I wish I had seen this thread before I made my meyer-lemon-pledge bars a couple weeks ago :) I was so excited to find them (through Coburn's Delivers), and the bars just had a strange, almost plasticky taste. such a bummer!

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                      Puddin head-BUMMER. I tasted the rind first-didn't really like - tasted a bit of the juice-really didn't like. Didn't use them AT ALL.

                      I use the Joy of Cooking adapted recipe. I want honest opinions and I received rave reviews. Lemon bars are so much easier than I thought! I added more rind (1 T. plus 1/2 T instead of just 1 T) and I think it added just enough kick/tart without going overboard. I followed the remainder of the recipe to a T. Never again will I pay $2.50 for one bar at Byerly's counter. With the other ingredients already at home, I didn't pay $2.00 for the whole pan.

                      3777 Park Center Blvd A, St Louis Park, MN

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                        aren't they ridiculously easy? besides the meyer lemon taste, the bars were perfect, and took no time at all to make.

                2. I've never bought them locally, and I'm kinda thinking about Seige's meat comment...don't know where the imported lemons came from or what they went through getting here.

                  I mean, have you ever tasted a tropical fruit from a MN store and also tasted one in situ? In most cases, no comparison! In addition, every source I've seen mentions they don't keep long.

                  I bring a suitcase of Meyer lemons home when I visit Louisiana at the right time of year. Put simply, they are divine! Can use them straight in many dishes without almost any added sugar. That's a very different taste profile than a Eureka. They are not interchangeable in most recipes. Oh, and the rind is much thinner--almost useless if you need zest.

                  Part of my last batch of Meyers were made some into preserved lemons. Yum...