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Mar 19, 2010 05:12 AM

Castries Peanut cream Liqueur YUM!

I just bought a bottle of this seductive stuff and it rocks. I'm not a fan of cream liqueurs since most are whiskey based and I dislike whiskey. But this stuff is is really great like liquid creamy peanut brittle. I mixed it with Godiva chocolate liqueur and it's like a liquid peanut butter cup.I'm keeping it in my fridge which I hear is the thing to do with cream based liqueurs if you don't want them to spoil. I'm trying to wrack my Rum addled brains for recipes for cocktails. Any one have suggestions?

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  1. It actually has no milk/cream in it. the creaminess comes from the peanuts. The brand rep is a friend of mine and he says it's shelf stable, but it says to keep refrigerated on the bottle because of FDA regs.

    Here is a recipe created by Junior Merino called the Peanut Cracker

    and one called Jr's Coquito

    and here are several on Dori Bryant's Polished Palate site.

    and on Blair's Trader Tiki site

    And of course on the castries site

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      are you sure there is no cream in this liqueur? Every site that explains it says that it contains cream.

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        The (not very well designed) Castries site says it's rum, peanuts, cream, "brown spices", and vanilla.

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          I just spoke to the brand manager and he says "most of the creaminess comes from the peanuts, no cream but there is a little bit of condensed milk to bind everything together."

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            You might suggest that your friend reconcile the inconsistency between what he's saying and the website, which calls the ingredient, "high quality cream" in one place and merely "cream" in another. I don't see how they both can be right.