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Mar 19, 2010 02:25 AM

Hangzhou Recommendations

Will be heading to Hangzhou and only know Lou Wai Lou and that other big restaurant which displays their dishes - can't recall the name.

Any recommendations appreciated.


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  1. My #1 choice would be ZiWei in Xihu State Guesthouse (splurge)
    For hole-in-wall style dinning: Kui Yuan Noodle shop's shimp/eel noodle. Jiefang/zhongshan junction.
    The local branches of "The GrandMa's" are reasonable choices too.

    1. Haven't been there myself, but definitely want to check out this place the next time I am near Hangzhou:

      There's some other discussion of this place elsewhere on this board.

      1. Just say no to Lou Wai Lou, so touristy.

        1. Not sure if you've gone to Hangzhou yet, but here is my report from last year.

          1. Is the Wang Hu still in operation, I wonder? It was in a hotel near the lake. We had West Lake vinegar fish at a table overlooking the West Lake there, but that was quite a long time ago.