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Mar 18, 2010 11:16 PM

St. Patrick's Day Dinner in Baja

So, we went to Bobby's-by-the-Sea which is near Puerto Nuevo in Baja.

The property is beautiful; we sat at what I think is the best table, on the patio, overlooking the pool and jacuzzi below and the ocean beyond.

We had a very delicious meal of corned beef, cabbage, potato and carrot with a cup of good, sinus-clearing mustard, and they happily provided seconds of everything.

It is hard to do simple food well ("Hey Mabel, let's boil up some of that cabbage there and some of them taters and throw in the scraps along wit'it"), but Bobby's did justice to the meal, serving good quality, fresh ingredients that were well prepared and presented with artful plating.

Including a glass of wine, the meal cost $8.95 U.S.

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  1. Gypsy Jan,

    I nominate you for the best post of the year on the México board ;-). But I've bookmarked it in case I am ever in northern Baja on St Pat's Day. But Puerto Nuevo? All the restaurants in that touristy, fake place can't even properly prepare "Mexican lobster." But, appparently, hooray for Bobby's-by-the-Sea!

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    1. re: dlglidden

      Yeah, I feel the same about the "restaurants" inside Puerto Nuevo.

      A friend of mine remarked that "Bobby's is a decent place sitting next to a sea of mediocrity". We haven't tried the rest of menu yet, but my very critical friend says that, "The pastas are good along with most of the rest of the rest of the menu, but skip the steaks." Take that for what you will.

      Bobby's - not a chow destination, but if you are in the area, definitely better than the rest of the choices available. If you want to get more info they have a very nice and well-put-together website, bobbysbythesea-DOT-com