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Mar 18, 2010 10:15 PM

Courthouse Subs - skip it

Courthouse Subs has finally opened in Georgeown on Williams after 3+ months of signs being up. I know they've been open awhile, but we finally got to them tonight and picked up some subs.

The bread is chewy but lacks any real flavor or crunch on the crust. Their sandwiches have ridiculous names which make them hard to remember, but they seem particularly proud of their roast beef. So we ordered some of it. A lot of the beef turned out to be inedible. Instead of mayo/mustard or vinegar/oil, they use their "double jeopardy" sauce, which they put a small sprinkling on top of two slices of tomato and some lettuce, piled on top of the sandwich (split down the side and served with the topping spilling out), so the tomatoes slides off and no flavoring makes it to the bread.

The ham and cheese was a hit with my son, but tuna, roast beef, and the roast beef, turkey and ham left a lot to be desired.

There were a lot of warnings about this place -

- bad layout
- very dark, only lighting coming from underpowered ceiling fan lights
- phone answered by a machine with a default msg half the time
- awful menu layout and content

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  1. i guess you'll have to go back to cannoli joe's for a quality meal, burn. keep up the dogged search.

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