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Mar 18, 2010 09:55 PM

Your favorite Passover Treat?

I love Passover food and I have a few things that I eat only on Passover and really look forward to eating. Matzah is, of course, on of them. But my mom used to give me slived bananas and strawberries with sour cream and a sorinkle of sugar on Passover because there was no passover cereal when I was a kid. I still look foreard to eating it every year. And matza brei? Yum! And even those ubiquitous canned macaroons- that first bite every Passover is out of this world!

So what are you craving on Passover?


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  1. Marcy Goldman's Chocolate Caramel Matzoh Crunch Candy! It is da bomb! Easier to make than traditional toffee and guaranteed to get you invited back. Google it, or check Epicurious or David Lebovitz for the recipe.

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      I have her book "A Treasurey of Jewish Holiday Baking" and I think that recipe is in there. I'll try it this year- it sounds so good!

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        I agree with Marcy Goldman's Chocolate Caramel Matzoh Crunch but whether it's because I'll only allow myself to induldge in them on Passover, chocoalte covered jelly rings!. When I was growing up in the Bronx in the late 50's, you could buy them loose year round for 1cent each. We can't find them by the pound any more, only boxed and I do believe they're not quite as good this way, but my wife has our box hidden somewhere in the house. By the way, I hide "her" fuit slices.

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          Haven't seen Marcy Goldman's recipe but I'm betting it's pretty much the same thing as I've made for years - bake matzos on a cookie sheet in sugar syrup until it starts to caramelize, sprinkle while hot with chocolate chips, schmear them around when they start to melt, then cool and break into pieces.

          That's one of my two favorite Passover foods - the other is my homemade-from-scratch horseradish, which I eat in near-equal amounts with gefilte fish.

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      1. I love charosis (apples almonds cinnamon and wine mix) and can eat it on matzoh for days.

        also lots of butter and a good strawberry jam.

        1. I look forward to the toasted coconut covered marshmallows I find in the passover section of the grocery store every year...why are they so much tastier than regular marshmallows?!

          1. Oh, yeah! Fruit slices! I forgot about those! Yum! And I love motza meal pancakes- my grandmother called them "chremsels" with a sprinkle of sugar. And Passover is the only time of year I allow myself to eat as much cheese as I want. Matza pizza- can't wait!