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Mar 18, 2010 08:51 PM

Lijiang and Ringha

Spending a week and a half in Lijiang and Ringha. Have been told to go with low expectations as Yunnan food over there isn't that great but being an optimist, am hoping that some of the chowhounders may have sniffed out the good places to eat (there must be some....).

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  1. yes there are lots of places to eat but i don't know any real places.... like restaurant names and dishes. try not to go to restaurants where you see more than 2 foreigners and with Engrish menus. be warned that Lijiang is _extremely_ touristy.

    i have a couple of Lijang threads on this page:

    1. I think most tourists there are actually Chinese, so what I would avoid are any places obviously overselling the ethnic angle (shows, servers in elaborate costumes, etc.) I can't help with specific restaurants but would make sure to eat the huang dou noodles there, and seek out dishes made with real yunnan ham and mushrooms or fish in a hot pot preparation. They have some pretty good potato dishes in Yunnan too.

      Negra, thanks for the pictures. The round fried thing you liked is lijiang baba. It's a must-try there too. the 'octopus pill' sign I think is refering to chinese style takoyaki, which tastes terrible but which is somehow a hot new snack. A good example of how touristy the place is.

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        Thanks all for the tips and the pictures - will definitely check out huang dou noodles.