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Mar 18, 2010 05:59 PM

Cheapest place to buy cashews (poor student budget working here!)

As the title suggests, I'm on the hunt for some place in downtown Toronto that's the cheapest place to buy cashews (and other various nuts). I'm vegetarian, and while I've gotten my protein source reasonably worked out with other things, I'd still like to add more nuts to my diet...but sadly, on my poor (unemployed!) student budget, it's a bit pricey around the areas near me (Valu-Mart, Rabba...).

So I was wondering if anyone knows of the cheapest place to buy nuts, cashews in particular. I'm located right next to the UofT St. George campus, if that helps.

Thanks! :)

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  1. No Frills is my choice for cheap cashews.

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    1. re: jnine

      Hm...there is one that isn't too far from where I am. Is there any chance you can remember the approximate cost that you would pay?

      1. re: Sheikah

        I've got a 250g container of Charlie's unsalted cashews in my hands with a sticker price of $5.99

        1. re: jnine

          but...come to thick of it, I bought these at Sobey's, which is more expensive. No Frills is less. I also buy my nuts for baking there. The no name 1KG of walnuts pieces is quite well priced.

          1. re: jnine

            and Fiesta Farms usually has very good prices on nuts to you nut butters (cashew, almond)...sometimes 2 jars for $10.

            Fiesta Farms
            200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

          2. re: jnine

            That is not particularly cheap. Cashews can be found at most stores for around 8.00 / 454g

            Shoppers Drug Mart has a 300g bag of jumbo cashews on sale for 4.99 right now.

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          No Frills Unsalted Pee Wee Cashews - a relative bargoon at $5 for 400g. And their natural almonds are good, too (crunchy and tasty) -- usually $5 for 500g, if you can find them, which you usually can't for some reason.

        3. Trust me, I'm always tryin' to hunt down the cheapest place to buy dried fruits & nuts too. There are 2 places I can recommend.

          The Bulk Food Emporium

          I usually visit the Danforth location of Bulk Food Emporium, but the nearest location to you I guess is at Bloor & Ossington. In general, the prices are decent. I usually stock up when my favourite nuts go on sale. It's a bit of a health food store as well, sellin' organic products and such, which are also decently priced.

          The second place I recommend is in Kensington Market. There are 3 bulk food shops just east of Baldwin St. & Augusta Ave., on the north side of Baldwin. Sorry, I don't recall the name of the shop, but just go to the bulk food shop in the middle, a friendly little (European?) elderly lady is there everytime I pass by. Cheapest place I've found to buy my assorted, unsalted nuts in bulk. Service is awesome and the quality of nuts is always great. Hope that helps!

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          1. re: shelleypascual

            I have to disagree about the place in Kensington. The last time I bought nuts there, they tasted and stank of car exhaust from being displayed out on the street for so long.

          2. I think Noah's has some bulk containers of nuts - you might check their prices.

            Pistachios are higher in protein if you like the taste. Almonds are a bit higher in protein and easier to buy cheaply. Pine nuts are higher protein but at least as expensive as cashews. Peanuts are even higher in protein but I've heard weird, potentially false stories about low quality nuts having toxins.

            If you're interested in seeds, these also seem cheaply available - sunflower are good.

            1. Try Johnvince Foods at 555 Steeprock Drive in North York.
              The selections are mind-boggling. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

              1. was at T&T and got a bucket, yes a bucket, for about $11