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Mar 18, 2010 05:33 PM

Help me convert this chicken recipe

I have a lovely recipe for Spanish Honey Cumin Roast Chicken with Apricots & Olives (


It uses bone in, skin on thighs and breasts, and I have made it this way. This time I want to double the recipe and bake the chicken in 2 trays: one of just drumsticks and one of bone-in skin-on breasts, halved.

I am confused about timing and temperature. Since the pieces are smaller, I think they will cook faster, but will the drumsticks be done in less time than the halved breasts? Any ideas appreciated.

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  1. Nice recipe, sounds tasty, I love olives.

    The breasts will actually cook faster than the drumsticks, being that breast meat is leaner.
    Thighs take the longest to cook. Normally, baked chicken breasts will be done in about 30 minutes, and the drumsticks in another 5-10 minutes. Your recipe calls for a total cooking time of an hour, but this is more of a braised chicken dish than baked. I personally would use a lower oven temp, but you've done this dish before with good end results? The point of the higher recipe temp is to reduce the sauce and put a nice glaze on the chicken, but you run the risk of dry breast meat unless you baste well. Marinading also assists in keeping the breast meat moist.

    All you can do is check your chicken parts for doneness, either with a thermometer (at 165* for the breasts, slightly higher for the drumsticks) or by checking the chicken pieces manually for pinkness at the bone. Make sure not to have the thermometer come in contact with the bones when temping. Poking the chicken parts for firmness, which indicates doneness, especially with the breast meat, works for some people.

    The temp given in the recipe is kinda high. I would braise this dish at 375*, but that's me. Make sure to baste the chicken with the sauce; otherwise your breast meat will be dry; I know, I said that already. Since you've made this dish before, you'll be fine, just check the parts for doneness; since the parts will cook separately, that makes it easy.

    What type of olives did you use?