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Mar 18, 2010 05:11 PM

Dallas: looking for a restaurant for party of 10-15

Hey foodies, I'm throwing a surprise dinner party for my lady on Saturday and I'm looking for a good place to host it. Probably about 10-15 people, and I was hoping for some place not super busy and loud (like Matt's in Lakewood, which is fun, but too loud!). I thought of Bangkok House on Greenville, it has a lot of space and it's not loud and crazy, but I'm curious about other recommendations. Doesn't have to be fancy-- I think the most important thing is people being able to enjoy each other's company. Your help is appreciated!


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  1. I think Penne Pomodoro (Lakewood location) fits the bill of what you're looking for. If you like Matt's, I think you'll equally enjoy Mattito's. I've never been to Bangkok House, but Royal Thai on Greenville is something to consider. La Calle Doce is a tasty Lakewood option. Cafe Izmir or Gloria's on Greenville could be fun, too.

    La Calle Doce
    415 W 12th St, Dallas, TX 75208

    Cafe Izmir
    3707 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

    Royal Thai
    5500 Greenville Ave Ste 608, Dallas, TX 75206

    Penne Pomodoro
    11661 Preston Rd Ste 143, Dallas, TX 75230

    1. Apologies for tardiness, but ...

      While I always enjoy Penne Pomodoro, as well as the other places mentioned by FB, for a group of 10-15, a conversational environment, great food, and a location in the same general area as the other restaurants, I would recommend a reservation in the upstairs room at Cuba Libre Cafe.

      CLC is lively, but not overwhelming with crowd noise, and the menu is outstanding.

      My favorite entree is the Voo Doo Blackened Salmon, but the plantain chips (with three flavorful dipping sauces), black bean dip, spinach salad, and cotija mashed potatoes (which come with the Pollo Fried Pollo) are also noteworthy.

      Best wishes to your SO for a fun birthday!

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        Food baby is so right on, especially with Calle Doce and Izmir.

      2. Cube Libre is closed. Izmir is a great recommendation because you can avoid menus and decisions. just have them bring out the meal with a mix of veggies and meats. You avoid the drag on the party as people read menus and make decisions and makes the cost predicable and even. It works great for groups and food is terrific.