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Mar 18, 2010 05:09 PM

need reccos re cleaning tough spots in my oven

I tried a spray and that book care of most of the grease build-up, but I still have some spots that are resistant to the spray (Easy Off).

Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Have you tried one of the many home steam-cleaners out there? (Like the Shark) Borrow one from a friend and try it. I cleaned a friend's really crusty, burned-on oven with mine. And it uses only water, no chemicals.

    1. If you're not afraid of using chemicals, you might try a product called "Sokoff." I buy it through "Home Improvements" catalog. I use it specifically for cleaning the glass on the inside of the oven door, but it claims that it will not harm any metal. It is specifically made to remove baked on carbon and grease. Brush on a thin coat and leave as long as possible - of course, read the instructions carefully!
      Question: Is your oven self-cleaning? If not, you should get excellent results from the original Easy Off - you know, the really caustic formula. (Assuming it's still being made) That stuff always made my crusty oven look like new! But you cannot use it on a self-cleaning oven.

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        (Apologies for delay in responding) Oven is not self-cleaning. I re-applied some of the spray stuff a few times, scrubbed, and most of the spots cleaned up. There were a few areas that I took care of with very fine sandpaper (600 grit) and light wet sanding.