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Mar 18, 2010 04:32 PM

Todai Woodland Hills AYCE lunch for $10.95

I just saw a couple of standing banners in front of the restaurant announcing same food assortment for this new lower price. There were more cars than usual parked during lunch today. I wonder if anyone has tried it since they dropped the price.

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  1. Let's talk about Todai Woodland Hills.
    I used to love it so many years ago when sushi was such a special food. AYCE sushi...WOW!
    But then all the negative press about Todai (mostly health issues about leaving the food out and quality issues related to the reasonable pricing) spoke to my brain and I stopped going there.

    Still, I love the idea of such variety and abundance! I'd be interested in any reports from Hounds who have been there recently.

    1. It's as good as the sushi at Ralphs, I'll say that for it.

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        Our neighborhood Ralph's in Westlake Village recently was remodeled to become a Fresh Faire Ralph's. There is an entire section dedicated to freshly made sushi and it is pretty good -- as market sushi goes.

      2. I'll bet most people don't even opt for the sushi (or sashimi) and go for the teriyaki and other cooked items.

        Plates upon plates of teriyaki, tempura, sweet and sour this and that, and all garnished with mounds of king crab legs.

        Thank you very much, and mother may I have another ...

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          Todai is all about variety!
          Yes, you can go for the teriyaki and the tempura and the crab legs, but you can also accent all that with a few pieces of sushi...and then go back and sample different items.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Tried their $10.95 lunch buffet today. If my memory is not playing with me, the assortment appears to have not changed from 3-4 years ago. That's how long I have not been.
            From the salad and hot section, I tried the Miso soup, too salty; Caesar's salad, too salty;Fried scallops and whitefish, meh; Did not finish the baked mussels cuz the smell was too offensive for me. The only items that I had seconds were the Tofu salad and fried chicken wings.
            From the sushi station, nothing outstanding to discuss except they have a sign that says excessive waste of rice will be charged extra. A bright spot is that service was very good as they come regularly to your table to take away the dirty plates.
            I probably will not return anytime soon even if I left stuffed because the satisfaction factor was not there.