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Mar 18, 2010 02:11 PM

Best Portuguese restaurant near train station for lunch in Newark?

I've been scouring the boards for reviews of Portuguese restaurants in Newark and am surprised by the relative scarcity of them. I am looking for a restaurant for a weekday lunch, walking distance from the train station, preferably around Ferry St. I'm interested in an authentic Portuguese spot; it doesn't need to be fancy. Thoughts?

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  1. Our favorite is Seabras Marisqueira at 87 Madison St, about 6 blocks up from the train station to the right off Ferry. It's very like a typical restaurant in Portugal (at least those of my experience) and they have terrific food - I love the roast suckling pig. Excellent seafood too (cheap and good oysters on the half shell). I think you will see more about the topic on the old Tristate Area board, this NJ one is quite new.

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      Thanks for the reply and the great recommendation! I was under the mistaken impression that they moved posts from the old board to this board. Seabras Marisqueira sounds great. If anyone else has other suggestions, feel free to share them.

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        I am going to endorse Seabra also, Their Pork a Alaentejana is prepared with fatty pork and cockles like the best in Portugal, the Grilled beef short ribs a simply seasoned but so tasty and please try their Pulpo salad which is my ideal beer drinking food.

      2. Another vote for Seabras Marisqueira! Sit at the 'bar', which is really the majority of the first room of the place.

        Fwiw, try searching for Ironbound instead of just Newark; not sure how much has been moved over, but you might find more results that way. But SM is definitely where you should go. :-)

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          These replies are great! Keep 'em coming!

          If I want to get some dessert after Seabras Marisqueira, where should I go? I had some terrific pastel de nata at Teixeira's last time I visited Newark. Is Teixeira's my best bet in the immediate vicinity of Seabras Marisqueira? (My apologies if pastel de nata are not considered dessert; however, they certainly did the trick.)

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            Riviera bakery is, iirc, right near SM on Ferry Street...can't go wrong there either! There's another place that's excellent but I a) can't seem to remember the name of it and b) it's reaaaaaaally far down Ferry Street. If I can get the name I'll post it here.

            And PS, I definitely think pastel de nata qualify as dessert! Also as good snacks... hehe

        2. It looks like Seabra is the way to go. Thanks for all your insights. If anyone has other thoughts on nearby bakeries, share them. Otherwise, it looks like Riviera sounds like a strong option.

          Thanks for all the imput.

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            They have some nice typical restaurant desserts there - Charlotte Malakoff which is like floating island for example - but if you want pastries go to the bakery. Also down the street away from Ferry you will see the Seabras Supermarket across the street - all kinds of Portuguese/Spanish/Mexican/Central American/South American groceries and good produce, sausages, etc. (And no, I am not in any way whatsoever affiliated with the restaurant or store - would be nice to be, though!)

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              If you go to Seabra's Marisqueira (sp) they have an appetizer that is not on the menu. They take a snow crab, hollow out the shell and whip the crabmeat into a dip. They serve it with toasted portugues bread and the crab legs for picking. It is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.

              Seabra's Marisqueira
              87 Madison St, Newark, NJ 07105

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                Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, I am allergic to shell fish, so I am going to have to pass on what sounds like a dynamite dessert. My focus will have to be on the non-shell fish fish and meat.

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                  Fwiw I'm also allergic to shellfish, but never have a problem finding something at SM...and I just love the very authentic (so I'm told by a Portuguese friend) vibe there! It's a real 'neighborhood' spot.

            2. The other spot I mentioned upthread for pastel de nata is:
              Alvaro's Pastry Shop & Deli
              162 Ferry Street
              (973) 690-5888
              It's between Adams and Jackson--not as far down Ferry as I was thinking, so there's another one for you!

              1. this type of cooking is a very minor art form.
                Seabra's rodizio catty corner on McCarter opposie the New Bears Stadium is a short cab ride away
                Very salty but good meats and a very very nice salad bar.
                Rather have you walk to Hobby's Deli fro great fresh turkey soups pastrami corned beef etc etc.
                Sorry but Potuguese food aint where's it's at.