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Mar 18, 2010 12:47 PM

What to drink with four year old sardines?

Have some aged sardines. More info here

What to eat with four year old sardines?

Not sure what to drink.

In a long ago post about sardines someone mentioned they liked non-alcoholic lemonade with sardines because of their affinity with citrus. i'm thinking maybe something with lemon notes.

Then again a sparkling wine might work. That would be half-way to my inclination to drink beer (post is on the beer board for beer suggestions) The vino verde suggestion would be good as they usually have a slight fizz.

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  1. I'd probably try an older (e.g. 1998) Riesling Spätlese and have something very strong-fish-friendly such as a Vinho Verde, Txacolina, Sancerre, or Provençal rosé ready as a backup if the Riesling turned out to be overpowered by the sardines.

    1. I would try a sauternes.

      1. Malox or Pepto! LOL! Only kidding, but I too like the sweet white idea, and would go with a riesling. Another good option would be the Roussanne/Marsanne blend from Peay. -mJ

        1. Aged Heredia Rioja blanc. They sell it at K&L Wines and at the Spanish Table in Berkeley, among other places.

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            The couple of times I've tried that I didn't quite get that wine. Interesting but didn't seem worth the big bucks to me.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              $25 is hardly big bucks.
              I love the stuff, but there can be bottle variation.

          2. Someone sent me this link to a great blog about sardines. I’ve referred to this blog many times on Chowhound but forgot the blogger pairs food and beverages with each can of sardines. Here’s some ideas from that site

            The sweet wine thing might work. Here's what the blogger said aout 07 Chateau de la Fessardiére Muscadet ... uh, that is a sweet wine, right?

            "I tried to find a wine from a bit closer to Vendée ... This is a wonderful wine from the North Coastal region. A bit bigger than I imagined, but a perfect pairing for our Tin Course. Dry, Crisp, and Yummy."

            Other wines tried ... good and bad so I know what to eliminate
            - White dry Marsannay from Burgandy
            - Paco & Lola Albariño.
            - 2007 Tomero Torrontes. Mendoza, Argentina

            What I got of out this is a direction. I'm thinking if Albariño and i happen to cross paths today I may get a bottle of that. Definately picking up some sweet wine. My budget is more Grocery Outlet than Kermit Lynch so lots if this is just a guide

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              Muscadet is dry and tart. 2007 might be a bit old.

              Lots of Albariño at Spanish Table. Torrontes has a similar profile at a lower price point. Fruity, aromatic, dry, good with just about any seafood.

              You might try Oddlots on San Pablo. The owner can give you good advice.


              1. re: rworange

                Young Muscadet is one of the driest wines out there. I think you're thinking of Muscat.
                Muscadet is as cheap as the low teens at K&L.

                But good Muscadet does age. I had one last week.

                1993 Domaine de la Louvetrie (Landron & Fils) Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie Le Fief du Breil - France, Loire Valley, Pays Nantais, Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine (3/11/2010)
                This was nice and quite a bit different than other Muscadets I've had. Its age is betrayed by the honey color of the wine. There's still a tanginess to the wine, but it is quite rounded, which Larry notes is to be expected with a 17-year-old wine. On the nose, I get lemon drops and some other candy. On the palate I get some minerality but more lime than lemon. Good finish but no as long as the Franken Silvaner that accompanied it. Aged Muscadet rocks.