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Mar 18, 2010 11:44 AM

need good hot and sour soup and wonton in yyc

anyone have any real good spots for these.strathmore restaurants seems to have forgot how to make good soups.the best won ton ive had was in lougheed alberta of all places.(same with jagerschnitzal ,whats up with that?).im craving some soup,help

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  1. Our old local neighbourhood Chinese Restaurant in Acadia (on Acadia Drive) Had AMAZING hot and sour soup , especially when served over sizzling rice! In fact I won;t even eat it any where else, it just doesn't compare!
    Golden Gate Restaurant 403-259-2777
    14-430 Acadia Drive Se, Calgary, AB, T2J0B2

    personally i don't really like Chinese that much.. it's so greasy.. but I really enjoy the food here!

    As for Wonton Soup Kings off Barlow Trail is really popular!

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    1. re: CookieGal

      added one to database and link to the other:

      Wonton King
      104 Meridian Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2A, CA

      Golden Gate Restaurant
      430 Acadia Dr SE #14, Calgary, AB T2J 0B2, CA

      1. re: CookieGal

        thanks for the rec.ill have to give it a shot

        1. re: howlin

          Dragon Pearl in Inglewood is my go-to place for Hot & Sour soup. They also do an excellent sizzling rice and pan fried wontons.

        2. re: CookieGal

          The last time i had wonton from Kings on Meridian (Jan 2011) turned me off Chinese FOREVER. It is very popular but never the less a greasy spoon.

        3. my go to place for wonton soup is Gee Gong (206 Centre St SE, across from U&Me), great place for chinese bbq as well (roast pork, bbq pork, roast duck etc). caveat - haven't been there in a while though so would appreciate it if anyone can give some current feedback.

          Gee Gong Restaurant
          206 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 2B6, CA

          1. I am hooked on the hot & sour soup at Oriental Palace in Parkdale
            9 Parkdale Crescent N.W.

            1. We like the hot and sour at Snow Palace in Crowfoot. If you like seafood in your hot and sour soup, the soup at T-Pot by the north T&T is pretty good too.

              1. When I lived in Calgary Spicy Hut on Edmonton Trail South was my go-to place for good hot and sour soup. Peking Garden up in Varsity also did a decent job.