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Mar 18, 2010 11:33 AM

SR24 in Temescal - Any reports?

This is the new restaurant at 51st and Telegraph in the cursed location formerly occupied by Bear Naked Burgers (before that, Cafe Pippo)

According to their facebook page (which seems to be their official web site) they opened 2/26. The chef is Josh Woodall who used to be at a place called South (330 Townsend SF).

The sample menus look appealing.

Bear Naked Burgers
5179 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

5179 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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  1. OH! Delicious! Just got back from our (husband and I) first time there. A cilantro(?)/salt rimmed vermouth cactus cocktail, Halibut with a beautiful cream/pepper sauce and greens with a Zin'.
    Spagetti and meat balls for the Mr.
    Both of us enjoyed the appetizer best: Sardines on housemade bread, WONDERFUL crispy capers w/ greens on it. Local Linden (Oakland) brew available too. Side of local greens which resembled dinosaur kale with garlic oil. Blood orange upside down cake(w/ caramel sauce) was good. Let's not forget the wonderful server we had;didn't catch his name:( Sorry. 3/27/10.
    FYI: Weput down about $98.oo bucks. Wish we had tried more/everything sounded delicious on the menu. We will go back.

    1. Had an impromptu dinner there a week ago Friday. Strange layout and decor in this place. Tables laid like in an old Steak Pub from the 60's. Specials board on the wall in a very dark corner??? Waitress with a major attitude. The couple next to us was trying to get her attention b/c they needed spoons in order to eat the broth under the fish (came in a bowl, should have been given spoons to begin with). They couldn't get her to look at them no matter what they did so I finally caught her eye and told her they needed assistance. She sneered at all of us! My partner and I ordered the mussel chowder. It was tasty, but very one note. I liked that it wasn't thick or gloppy like some chowders, but it had no depth of flavor. We got a salad with pickled fennel that was good, but not special in any way. We also ordered the fried green tomatoes and found them inedible. They were breaded in a pebbly coating that was tasteless and the tomatoes themselves were hard and tasteless. What was the point? And, lastly, the chicken pot pie - one of the worst I've ever had at a restaurant. Absolutely nothing to recommend it. It didn't have a lovely crust, although the crust was decent. The filling was BORING. The chef doesn't appear to be knowledgeable about layering seasoning in food. We were looking forward to finding a new and interesting dining venue, but SR24 sure isn't it.

      5179 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

      1. recently had fried rock fish with remoudade (8) here. this included salad. interesting, diverse menu (kobe burger, 10) fish very fresh. service seems an afterthought here.
        though they claim lemonade is homemade, i saw gallon size jug of lemon concentrate in frig.
        they use open table. space is small.
        definitely worth a try. lunch is cheaper. lunch till 3.

        1. Had dinner there a couple of times recently. I live in the neighborhood. I thought the food was really good and at that price point a nice addition to the area. Very casual service and scene. Good "homey" food lots of local ingredients. We will be back!

          1. Thanks for the feedback.

            I should report my own experiences. I've had 2 very good lunches at SR24 and one absolutely awful dinner.


            Rock fish sandwich was awesome. Chopped salad, OK. Yorkshire pudding, nice but bland. Fried green tomatoes, good. Service was surly but acceptable.


            Service was laughably bad. Seated but never assigned a server. Finally flag one down who takes drink orders and disappears. After some time flag down another server and order. When salads finally arrive after a long wait the original server misidentifies them, reversing the names. When I swap the plates and identify which salad is which she insists that, no, she had them correct and what is obviously a green goddess salad is the Caesar and vice versa (my memory is failing me here - the second salad was not a Caesar, more of a chopped root veggie thing. In any event it was easily distinguishable from the green goddess). Whatever - she got very heated about it and, thankfully, disappeared for the rest of the meal.

            The couple seated next to us told their server that they couldn't wait any longer and would like their food to go. 20 minutes later they paid for their drinks and left without their food.

            I can't recall now what we eventually had for mains. Vowed not to go back until they work out their staff issues. This was about 2 months ago.

            5179 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609