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Mar 18, 2010 10:52 AM

Zoma pricing?

hi, all -- planning to head to Zoma with a small group for a birthday celebration. We all love Ethiopian. Neither their own website nor MenuPages indicates prices. Could someone please let me know about the price range? Is it similar to Meskerem, e.g. (entrees running 12 to 15, combo platters more)?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. I went a year ago so prices might have changed. But I think you're generally right about the entrees price range, and I think there's a veg entree with 4 choices of veg that's about $21.

    It was a group of 4, and we all thought it was delicious. Have been meaning to go back so would love to hear your feedback. Also, not open for lunch that I know of.

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      I'll definitely report back. I always love getting those combo veg platters at Ethiopian places; so I'm looking forward to that. And their website indicates a bar and wine list so that'll be nice too. It looks like they are open for lunch on the weekends. We are going on Sunday, though I'm not sure at what time yet. Thanks for the help with the prices.

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        I can't remember the prices off-hand but it's on par with other Ethiopian restaurants. It's my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the city -- like it much better than Meskerem, Awash, etc. It's almost always empty when we go there, which makes me sad. Hope you have a great lunch!

        468 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

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      1. I wanted to report back, so here is the Zoma recap:

        Our late lunch/early dinner at Zoma on Sunday was terrific. The space is quite nice – stark but in a serene kind of way. I’m glad they have a pretty nice bar area because our group of five arrived in stages and the bar was nice and roomy. The selection of drinks was fine, nothing special but at least a full bar.

        I’m glad we aimed for around 4 pm because there was only one person working as bartender, wait staff, and bus person. While she was very busy, she was also professional, friendly, and helpful with our questions. The only “demerit” was that our water was never refilled and even forgotten after we asked several times. But overall that was a small point and clearly she was very busy.

        The food was very good. All of us enjoyed what we ordered. We started with kategna, sambusa, and timatim fitfit. The meat people loved the sambusa. DH especially enjoyed the hot paste (I assume it was berbere paste) served along side. None of us had ever had kategna before. It was very oily (well, buttery, I guess more accurately). It was fine but I don’t think I’d order it again. The timatim fitfit was a little different than what I’ve had at Meskerem and Awash, for example. It was very good but less vinegar-y than others. The injera was also torn into much larger pieces. It was good.

        The meat selections (3 of our party got meat) were, quite frankly, huge. We had 2 orders of tibs wett and 1 order of the house special Zoma tibs. The spicy tibs wett was demolished! DH loves his spicy but everyone also enjoyed the Zoma special as it was unsauced chunks of beef – very mild but flavorful. The 2 sides included with the meat dishes were yellow split peas and string beans. The string beans were the winner here. We also had 4 vegetarian selections – gomen (collared greens), atakilt wett (cabbage & carrots), misir wett (red split lentils), and buticha (chick peas). The vegetarian selections do not come with sides (a big drawback) and are much smaller than the meat selections. The spicy red lentils were excellent. I like them better than the same dish at Meskerem mostly because the texture was a little bit different – more toothsome. The collared greens and cabbage were both very good but pretty much the same as I’ve had elsewhere. The chickpeas were very different and I’ve not had anything like that before. They were mashed. The texture was very dry, not in a good way. They were also mildly sweet and I couldn’t place my finger on what that taste was. I don’t think I’d order that again.

        Zoma was generous with the injera. The meat dishes were served on one communal platter and the vegetable dishes on a second communal platter. This was great – and necessary given that the tables are rather small. The additional injera came in rolls, rather than rounds as I’ve always had before. I don’t like using this comparison but it’s all I could think of – like rolls of toilet paper. So instead of a large round, folded, which can be awkward to tear up, these were rolls that were quite easy to manage. That was great. Unfortunately, I think I like the Meskerem injera better because it’s a bit more “sour”. But this was still very good and they kept bringing out more of it too! (We didn't even have to ask.)

        As for price, the meat dishes were a bit more expensive than other places and the vegetable dishes were about the same price (though without the usual accompaniment of sides). The drinks were fairly priced. A friend had called ahead and asked them if they could have a dessert with a candle (it was a birthday celebration) and they were terrifically accommodating. Kinda strange that the dessert was baklava but it was pretty good. And they had a candle and we sang and it was a ton of fun.

        All in all, the food was very good, the service was good (even if a little hectic), and the price reasonable. We will definitely return since it’s close to where we live and it is much better than Awash.

        2084 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026

        468 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

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          Thanks for the report! Glad to hear that it's as good as I remember it. I loved the tibs wett. And yes, now that you mentioned it, my friend also was surprised by her order of the chick peas--so much so that she had to confirm the order with the waitress.

          And now I also remember that the owner was on-site when we ate there, and he was v. nice, taking the time to come over to make sure everything was ok.

          1. re: gloriousfood

            i agree. The staff are really nice -- the person on the phone who helped my friend with the whole birthday candle dessert thing was lovely. Although the waitress/bartender was there by herself and very busy, she was super nice. I'm glad to hear that the owner was great too. They obviously take pride in the food they are serving.

          2. re: LNG212

            Glad you liked it! Service can be a bit slow, but like you said for the most part it's a woman running around by herself. I love that they give you a ton of injera (LOL @ toilet paper comparison.) It annoys me when a place gives you a couple pieces and you have to keep asking for more!