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Mar 18, 2010 10:33 AM

Innis & Gunn Barrel Aged beer

I haven't tried them or heard much about them. What do folks think of Innis & Gunn's barrel aged beers?

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  1. Haven't tried them although I plan to...but Isuppose that the clear bottles do throw up a bit of a red flag.

    1. Love it. Just wish it was a bit cheaper so I could drink it more!

      1. I've had 6 different I&G beers, none are spectacular, but all have been pretty good. The ones I've had are the blonde, Canadian cask, IPA, rum cask, triple matured oak, and the regular oak aged. They all are fairly similar to each other, just with minor flavour differences.

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        1. re: kwjd

          I consider Innis & Gunn the best beer out there. Too bad it cost so much lol...

        2. Just had my first one tonight. Definitely not my cup of tea. Flavor reminded me too strongly of whiskey.

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          1. re: donovt

            "Flavor reminded me too strongly of whiskey."

            Isn't that sort of the point? The beer is aged in used bourbon (as well as other liquor) oak barrels.

            It's sort of like saying you don't like Bud Chelada because it tastes like someone mixed Budweiser with Clamato juice.

            1. re: JessKidden

              That's why I said "too strongly". I expected a little hint of a whiskey flavor, it was too strong of a flavor for my liking.

              1. re: donovt

                How long ago did you try it? I'm wondering if it was a bottle from before or during the time I consulted. Or the ones that came out afterwards.

                1. re: JMF

                  Just tried it last night. Didn't think it was a bad beer, just not my style.

          2. Since this first post, I ended up consulting to them for awhile since they had some inconsistency problems. They now have a rum barrel aged beer available in the US. I like this one better than the first. It's a bit bolder and deeper flavored. No noticeable rum flavor, but nice.