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Mar 18, 2010 10:30 AM

Looking for Cheap but Good Casual Seafood - Paris

Title says most of it. I am looking for good seafood, but cheap, casual restaurant but preferably not dirty, smelly, ect. It would have to be in Paris, of course, preferably near Belleville. For a dinner of three, and i'd like to maybe keep each overall meal per person under 50 euros??

Thanks! Answer Quick!!!

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  1. It's not too far away (at least its on the same side of the river and about 15 min from Belleville) is Pleine Mer, 22 rue de Chabrol, in the 10th near the Gare de l'Est and Gare du Nord. Cheap, clean and good.

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      Thanks for the reply! We're looking into it. Looks good so far.

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        Your post is perfect timing. I returned to Paris yesterday. I have not been to Pleine Mer but I do have a craving for oysters. Moreover, I have to restock on confiture at le Fûret Tanrade on the same street as Pleine Mer. Then I need to visit one of the 25+ little phone stores near the Gare de l'Est for a cover for my new mobile. In between sits Pleine Mer, so it will be my lunch ! Oysters, of course.

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          Pleine Mer report:

          After stopping at the Marché St. Quentin, and picking up some lovely citrus/lavender confiture at le Furet Tanrade, I stopped in at Pleine Mer for lunch. I arrived at 12h20 and was the first customer. As other arrived later, they were mainly regulars. The all seemed to know Eric, the owner.

          For 11,50€ you get a dozen No. 4 farmed oysters that are very fresh, just briny enough, and delicious. This includes a glass of white wine (muscadet?), brown bread, and butter. Walking home the long way, past Bofinger, I saw the same for about twice the price.

          I went for the big menu, 16,50€, which added a very generous portion of smoked, "wild" Swedish or Norwegian salmon and a little pot of tarama. I am not a big fan of Atlantic salmon, and this isn't really wild, but it was much better than the average smoked salmon one gets in France.

          It looks like a hole in the wall but is very casual and friendly.

      2. A no brainer:

        Le Bistrot du Dome
        1 rue Delambre, 14th (Metro : Vavin)
        T: 43 35 32 00
        Open everyday
        A la carte about 50 €

        1. No brainer indeed, but I would rather emphasize l'Uitr, place Flaguière, open 7/7