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Mar 18, 2010 10:17 AM

My fellow SE Michigan food freaks...Ramps Seaon is coming!

Anyone want to go out with me? I know where they are in great numbers. Would not mind having a date in mid May that we can get together to go gather Ramps, drink some beer, cook up some beast and end up having a terrible hangover the next day. This would be located just a hair east of Lansing not to far from I-96.

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  1. We will be digging ours in the Pigeon River area when we get so frustrated not finding morels. Unless there is rain, there won't be a one!

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    1. re: mgebs

      Found about 5 pounds of Morels last year in my mom and dads back year. Every year we spread more spores. I am not to concerned about rain....I bet we do fine.

    2. Boy, that sounds fun! Dumb question, though---is the point to enjoy the ramps, or to discover the adjacent morels? If morels are the point, are you sure you can steer people away from a poisonous look-alike? (not to be a wussie about it, but I got a lot of bills still to pay before I die.)

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      1. re: vtombrown

        Ramps and Morels may not be growing during the same time. This would mainly be a Ramp trip...any morels found would be just a extra. I will say i have never found a morel in the same direct area as the ramps. You have to go a full 1/2 mile away for the morels. :)

        I can easily tell the three kinds of morels I usually find from the bad boys (False morels). False Morels actually would never get you that sick anyways. I would never serve you anything I would not eat myself.

        I may love spicy food but I am not much for poison!

        1. re: JanPrimus

          Hey, I had to ask the question. :-)
          I'd sure like to contribute to and participate in this foray, if it happens and there's room for one more. Cheers

          1. re: JanPrimus

            We have found white morels UNDER ramp leaves in the Pigeon.

            1. re: mgebs

              Nice...I wish I could find both in one area. Maybe one day I will get lucky.

        2. I am gonna take this off board as I do not want to violate chowdown rules....

          If you want to further discuss....please visit my slowest project ever.