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Buc'ees - what's up with this place ???

Buc'ees gas station/market/ jerky store is some kind of a phenom in Texas - tell me what's the big attraction .....

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  1. When you figure it out, let me know. Seems like a lot of excitement over jerky.

    1. Seems to be the Texas manifestation of a more widespread phenomenon; I've seen discussion on other boards of Sheetz an Wawa back east.

      I've been to a couple, though none of the 'super' Buc'ees. Clean - spacious - larger selection of convenience store items is all I noticed but I didn't try the restrooms or peruse the wine section (not sure they even had one at the ones I went to.) I'm not into jerky so even though I'm not opposed to getting food at a gas station I'm with zorra - I don't think I get it.

      Neither did Alison Cook, the restaurant critic in the Chronicle a few months back. This was my first introduction to the phenomenon and the comments were more helpful than the article.


      1. My mom says it is because the bathrooms are so clean! The place scares me. And didn't I see a post in the HoustonPress about the jalapeno cheese kolaches at Buc'ees???

        1. Mabmaq...

          I'm not sure how familiar you are with Sheetz back east, but Buc'ees is a combination of a Sheetz (all the made to order food)...a Quiktrip (all the fountain drinks and snacks)...and a Cracker Barrel (all the random toys and other crap) all rolled into one. Between Dallas and Houston, it is definitely the cleanest and most fun place to stop for a few minutes. I would recommend it as a nice place to stop, have a quick snack, and stretch your legs.

          Cracker Barrel
          112 Sam Houston Dr, Victoria, TX 77901

          1. It's pretty much a one-stop place on the road with very clean restrooms. I've been to several and none compare to the one out I-10 close to San Antonio. The Beaver family from Arkansas started the rage. I have a friend that went to school with one of the Beaver boys.

            Prior to Bucees you had to make too many separate stops as clean restrooms were hard to find on I-10 between Houston and SA. We stop there for restroom break, ice, gas, jalapeno cheese bread, scones, and whatever else it is we need.

            1. This isn't a direct comparison by any means, but along the autostradas in Italy are stops called Autogrills that have a wide variety of decent food (paninis, pasta, salads, etc.) served with beer or wine if you like, as well as a very good selection of cheeses and other foodstuffs, various knick knacks, and large, clean restrooms. I wonder if Buc-ee's is as close as we can get to that in this country.

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                I wouldn't know. Do those "Autrogrills" also sell deer corn and the best peach jalapeno jelly ever made? :-)

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                  Its much ado about nothing just another convenience store thats all.

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                    Well, I'd have to differ with that. Convenience stores don't make fresh baked scones and jalapeno cheese bread or sell thousands of gift items. I purchased a framed stain glass blue bonnet scene there one year for myself. One of a kind. Convenience stores don't normally have sparkling clean restrooms or sell deer corn. I have been to several Bucee's and the one on I-10 close to SATX is the best one. Some of the others that I have been in are just that, another convenience store.