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Mar 18, 2010 09:09 AM

ISO:Good bread for pulled pork

Now I know there has been somewhat a debate on this topic.Usually I use standard hamburger bun or squishy ,but I'm getting bored of using the same old same old,besides that they act as sponges to bbq sauce and get soggy rather quickly.Ive had pulled pork sandwiches in the south served on a potato roll and a pretzel roll,which would be great if I knew where they sold this type of bread.

If anyone knows where to buy these breads or has a good suggestion for an alternative let me know.

Btw I have also use a Portuguese bun, and I do not like it !


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  1. I occasionally buy a pre-made pulled pork sandwich from a higher end grocery store in Windsor. The bun used is a crusty kaiser. I think they bake them in-house, so these are truly crusty buns and not those soft kaisers that lose their crispness after being bagged for sale. I know it isn't anything close to the traditional bread of choice, but I like its sturdiness and chew. The only downside is that when it is reheated, it soaks up the sauce from the pulled pork, so it's handy to have extra sauce around, if you like your pulled pork saucy, which I do.

    I also think a crusty demi-baguette could work too. I'd cut it in half lengthwise and dig out some of the bready interior. Load in the pulled pork (and cheese, if you're using any). Depending on how much pork you stuff in there, it might serve two people quite nicely. Just my two cents.

    1. Thuet makes amazing pretzel style alsace buns that are perfect for burgers (and I suspect pulled pork as well)... they sell out quickly at his petite thuet locations
      here is a pic:

      another suggestion, have ever tried using a ciabatta bun? I think that might also be a good choice for a pulled pork sandwich and the air pockets can get filled with tasty goodness

      1. Crusty buns from golden wheat on college, Lou Doggs used to use em, perfect buns for pulled pork and steak sandwiches

        1. not the classic portuguese bun they have another type of long roll, trust, perfect

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            Yep, was going to recommend those buns from Golden Wheat as well. They're the same buns the Fish Store uses and they're perfect. I've made pulled short rib sandwiches before and used them with great success.

            The Fish Store
            657 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B7, CA

          2. Go crazy, try it on a pretzel roll from Dimpflmeier.