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Mar 18, 2010 09:02 AM

River Cat Grill -- Closed for good

Anyone know why River Cat in Rowayton has shuttered?

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  1. Sadly I heard owner was squeezing Restaurant on a mtm lease and they couldn't handle it anymore. Nuts as they had a nice crowd. Being a Rowayton resident I do not intend to visit any of the owners other establishments.

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    1. re: Psudaelus

      Sorry, but I meant owner of the property. Of course this is a rumor so, who knows. It is very unfortunate as there were only two legitimate restaurants in town.

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        Many failing businesses will use 'dang owner screwed me on the lease, not my fault I ran the place into the ground!' as an excuse.

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        the ecomomy is hurting many places.Take a look at how many are going out or changing names recently. If you try to run lunch and dinner seven days a week all you do is tire out your staff, restauarants cleanliness and bank account which I'd say is a lethal combination. Don't forget to support your local establishments they all need it.

      3. I don't know the specific details but if you look at their recent reduction in hours (closed for lunch) and weeknight patronage, it's obvious that the economy dealt them a financial blow. Small restaurants desperately need the revenue. Consider that McDonald's sales are up 2% in this economy. Fast food kills good restaurants, who can't compete price wise. If there is an independent restaurant that you want to survive, pay a few extra dollars and patronize them instead of the fast/processed food chains. Quality costs more, end of story.

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          Cat has been closed on Mondays all winter long which has always been their style. I really cannot say how much the rent plays into their problem. It was what I heard. Obviously economy hurt many businesses. I'd say though that their prices were in line with what they provided. I also think they had pretty good crowds. Sad that this is the spring when their business should have really started to pick up.

          1. re: Psudaelus

            Yes they were closed on Mondays, additionally they closed for lunch Tuesday and Wednesday- what else do you do if there's no traffic. You can't sustain a restaurant relying on the weekend. Fewer people are dining out week nights.

        2. The place was doomed when the pack of cougars moved on to 1020 Post.

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              Finally an answer to jfood's question on why people go there for dinner. Wasn't the food or the attitude of the MOD from jfood's few experiences.


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                Yeah that place is indeed cougar central...ugghhh...come all ye desperate housewives of FFD county...