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Mar 18, 2010 08:20 AM

Burek in Sheepshead Bay

Looking for good burek in the Sheepshead Bay area. Am willing to go further, anywhere in Brooklyn really, but most convenient would be Sheepshead Bay/ Brighton area.

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  1. Wow, tons of excellent piroshki to be had in Brighton, but I can't think of where to get good burek. Maybe someone can chime in who knows.

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      A branch of Djerdan opened around 65th Street and 23rd Avenue in Bensonhurst and they have a high-quality spinach and cheese product...N (Bay Parkway) and F (Avenue P) trains are the closest and only a few stops each from Coney.

      Of course, my all-time fave burek is up in the Bronx at Tony & Tina's on Arthur Avenue and E. 188th Street - PUMPKIN Burek - spectacular and possibly seasonal.

      2283 65th St, Brooklyn, NY 11204

      Arthur Avenue Cafe
      2329 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

      1. re: Mike R.

        That's good to know ... so when I'm on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn I'll scoot over to 23rd for some burek. One of my faves is still the pumpkin burek in the Bronx at T&T. Definitely.

        Another unfamiliar burek joint in the Bronx for all you burek fans (and Serb fans) is ...

        Pinocchio Pizza
        3039 Buhre Avenue
        Bronx, NY 10461
        (718) 824-6261

    2. Hi sourgirl,

      If you're really willing to go anywhere in Brooklyn, then going just a few extra blocks outside of Bushwick will get you into Ridgewood, Queens which has the following:

      "Burek's Pizza" - on Forest Avenue between Catalpa Avenue and 69th Avenue

      Muncan's - on the south side of Myrtle Avenue between Decatur Street and Fresh Pond Road (note - Muncan's is a meat shop that sells burek from behind the counter and they tend to run out in the late AM. It's closed on Sundays)

      For subways either the L or the M train will work though the M gets funky on weekends.

      Although a lot of Eastern European countries have things that are very similar, when I think of burek, I think of Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania—primarily the Balkans.

      I know Astoria has a fair amount of Croatian and Bosnian, Sunnyside has Romanian, parts of the Bronx have Albanian, and Ridgewood/Glendale has pockets of all these; however, I'm not aware of a similar concentration in the Brighton Beach/Sheepshead Bay area. I had always thought that area was more Russian, Georgian and Azerbaijani so I'm a little doubtful that burek would be readily available around there.

      Chowhounders, am I wrong?

      Anyway, I hope you're able to find some good burek close to the area you described.

      Good luck!


      Glendale is hungry...

      1. Well if you take all varieties of bureks (örek) you can probably find some armenian style or eastern former USSR varieties on Brighton.
        I know M&I Int'l store has chebureks (meat filled) and hachapuri (cheese filled both in bread dough and puff dough), and some piroshki selling places might have belyashis (meat filled tartar deep fried pies


        ok now i'm really hungry ^-^

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          They're located on Sheepshead Bay Road, a few blocks from the B & Q train Sheepshead Bay subway station. It's called "cheese roll" but it's borek. They also have spinach borek.

        2. I stumbled across Burektore Illyria at 8505 20th Avenue in Bath Beach/Bensonhurst. I believe they were Albanian serving the typical balkan style of sliced burek. Meat and cheese. I was pretty happy. Exactly like the burek I've had in Serbia.