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Mar 18, 2010 08:12 AM

Koo Zee Doo or Zahav or Fork or...

Hey folks,

Friends are leaving town tonight so we'd like one last good meal, I'm thinking one of the above... Something that stands out and is hard to replicate, with good decor/ambience to boot. So far we've been to and enjoyed: Distrito, Supper, Butcher & Singer, Noble, Modo Mio, Osteria etc....

Also went to Percy st but it was pretty bleh. So any suggestions? Nothing as formal as Le Bec Fin, but on the other hand I know there are some old school restaurants with good food but they seem boring...

I don't wanna make one of these pointless "where should I eat" threads but if anyone has been to anything excellent lemme know, many many thanks

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  1. I'd see if Bibou has a cancellation. Or how about Marigold Kitchen? Also like Fish and Littlefish.

    1. Go to Zahav, I just checked Opentable and they have tables for tonight. Koo Zee Doo is also great, but smaller and maybe already booked up. Fork is very good, but isn't in the same league as those two places.

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        I agree, among that list Zahav and Koo Zee Doo are the two places that have a great combination of food and ambiance that is hard to find in most places. Kanella also fits in with uncommon food and that Philly BYOB neighborhoody vibe, plus its a great corner to snag an outdoor table.

        1. re: barryg

          Barry you're indispensable!

          Marigold and Bibou are the old school restaurants I was thinking of earlier, very good I'm sure but a little staid...

          So Zahav or KZD... I'm thinking the tasting menu at Zahav? But KZD looks cute... aaaargh!

          Thanks again everyone,

          1. re: AgentRed

            There is nothing staid about Marigold:


            Zahav doesn't offer a tasting menu, they do have the 'taste of Zahav' (which you should get), but you choose the dishes you get.

            1. re: AgentRed

              Bibou is staid? It's only been open about a year and is producing some of the best food in the city. Of all the plces on your list, except Koo Zee Doo, it is the newest. Zahav has been open much longer. Why isn't it staid?

              That said, both Zahav and Koo Zee Doo are terrific. They have pretty different vibes and very different food, so it's really a matter of which appeals more.

              1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                I think you're confusing staid (meaning of a settled, sedate, and steady character) and stale.

                I haven't been, but from pictures Bibou's interior looks very sedate, even boring. And that's fine, and the food may be the best in the city, but as I mentioned above, just for this meal I'd like something which stands out a little more.

                I think I'll go to Zahav, the tie-breaker being it's close to the park on 3rd and this is such nice park weather! Thanks for the help folks!