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Mar 18, 2010 07:33 AM

Love me a really good Deli sandwich..

Love love love me a shaved turkey on rye with lots of mayo, extra cheddar or swiss, with red onion, leaf lettuce and avocado..served with some kettle chips and a cup of soup and a brewed ice tea.
Usually get my sandwiches from Antonelli's, Cheese Shop, Girard Gourmet or Con Pane but I will drive almost anywhere for a good sandwich with good bread and not some pressed turkey.

What's your fave sandwich and where do you go for your deli fix?

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  1. I like Cheese Shop for the pork loin and some stuff at Milton’s is good but I had a truly outstanding sandwich a couple months back at Bristol Farms. I was wandering through around lunch and they had a rare and juicy prime rib sitting on the cutting board. They were selling the RB as part of a plate but the nice woman agreed to pile some on some delicious sourdough bread with Swiss cheese. I slathered on some mayo and off I went.
    This was warm, tender, juicy, truly tasty roast beef like I used to get at the Armenian deli back in the old country (OK, Pasadena’s Foodland Deli). The best sandwich I’ve had in years….years I tell you.

    1. The BLT at Bread on Market is outstanding.

      Closer to home and truly downscale are two delis that are certainy not authentic anything but manage to turn out some pretty good sandwiches. The deli counter at Windmill Farms does a great sandwich for under $5. I'm partial to the RB. Cheer's Deli in the liquor store in the Keil's shopping center at Navajo and Jackson also turns out really good sandwiches. Service at Cheers, however, is exceedingly s-l-o-w and you could starve to death before you get your sandwich. Both of these are in an area that is woefully underserved by anything other than a chain. Would I drive from anywhere to go to either of these delis? No, but for those of us living in the area, they're a pretty good option.

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        I have given up on Cheers without ordering first since it winds up being dinner! For a straight deli meat sandwich I wind up at Kiels since they have Boar's Head cold cuts and my wife really likes the roast beer. Their hero rolls are not too great but the breads are good.

        Just went to Grove Grinder (3345 Olive Street Lemon Grove, CA 91945-1734
        (619) 462-5071) and had the best turkey in a sandwich I have had in San Diego. They roast their own turkey breast rather than use cold cut deli meat and it was excellent. I did not care too much for their rolls which were the soft hero rolls that a lot of places use and they do use shredded iceberg, but they offer pepperocini and black olives and the full sandwich was enormous. Definitely worth checking out. They also have about 40 different kinds of root beer and a wide selection of other multicolored sodas. (1 color per bottle)

        Its been brought up before, but I think BMH has the best sandwiches in is area. Have only tried their Italian cold cuts and grilled eggplant but both are very good. (Like the cold cuts from Mona Lisa a little better for comparison's sake)

      2. Mona lisa #1.

        Bread on Market and Con Pane are legit as well.

        Cheese shop downtown has never seemed as good as the la jolla location for some reason.

        1. Sounds like Bread on Market is the place to get a great sandwich!
          Bristol Farms too..Armenian there such a thing?
          Cheese Shop in LJ is way better than the downtown location..imho
          Good Call on Mona you go to Pete's too?

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            I really like Bread on Market but I'm not in the area often enough :-(.

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              I've never been to the one in LJ, but I was downtown yesterday and had a great corned beef club at the Cheese Shop. I'd go back when I'm in the area again.

            2. Do they make non-meat Banh mi sandwich?
              They look so good but I don't do the meat..