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Mar 18, 2010 07:03 AM

Best Place to Eat in Reading Terminal

I want to get something to take with me on the train back to Boston. Where is the best place in the Reading Terminal to get something to carry out?

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    1. re: NYChristopher

      Yea this is a good idea and won't be TOO messy or stinky compared to some other options. They should be able to pack the oil/dressing separately. Grabbing a pretzel or two from Miller's Twist and cookies from Famous 4th St will travel well and make you some friends. Ditto for cookies and pastries from Termini's.

    2. You cannot go wrong with anything except we did have bad sushi there once.
      By Georges has amazing pizza. 12th street cantina is classic and terrific. Down home diner is an old standby that's still yummy!
      You can always skip lunch and just do almond horns and cookies at Termini's.