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Mar 18, 2010 05:06 AM

fall wedding for 120 downtown or in Brooklyn?

Can anyone think of a great restaurant or event space for a fall wedding for about 120 guests? We tried the bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel but it seemed expensive and cramped. We tried Neue Gallerie but Kurt Wallse wouldn't let us have a serving station. We just want to be downtown or in Brooklyn, in a really nice restaurant where we can dance and eat really well. Any ideas? Thank you, thank you.

Gramercy Park Hotel
2 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010

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  1. I don't know of any nice restaurants for a wedding, but I'm getting married at the Dumbo Arts Center in June, which is a fantastic gallery right by Brooklyn Bridge Park. It's being catered by Cobblestone Foods in Cobble Hill. Their food is delicious and, so far, they've been fantastic to work with and reasonably priced (they're really willing to work with your budget).

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      Heya lizisinflatbush!
      I followed you over from your post on Brooklyn budget weddings... how did the wedding turn out? What did Cobblestone do for you? Number of people? Cost?? I'm looking at DAC as well!

    2. The NYC Fire Museum (Spring St., between Varick and Hudson) has a pretty nice event space that some friends used for their wedding last fall with about that many people. They had cocktails on the ground floor in the museum space, the wedding itself in an open area on the second floor, and the reception up on the third floor.

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        new groom - where did you end up having your wedding? my fiance and i are just starting to plan and we are also looking for the same things you were - great food, where you can dance, downtown manhattan and possibly brooklyn for approx 100 people. would love any suggestions/input!

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          I was married this past June at The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, on Crosby St. in Soho. We had 120 guests, the price was reasonable, and our guests reported that the food was great. (They do their own catering.) It was a fabulous wedding. (It helped that we hired an incredible band, The Vermont Joy Parade!)

          Housing Works Used Book Cafe
          126 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012