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Mar 18, 2010 03:04 AM

Phad Thai in Bangkok

Hi All,

Was wondering what people think is the best place/stall/etc in Bangkok to have Phad Thai. Havent necessarily been seeking it out since I've lived here, but Im curious cause the dozen or so times I've had it, its not been anything special. Curious for people's input.


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  1. I have noticed that there does not seem to be the Phad Thai stands around that there use to be..... and my favourites have all disappeared (or I cannot find the ones that may still exist) .... still looking for replacements.

    1. Never been a fan of padthai, and can't help you out in Bangkok.

      But, if you're ever up Kanchanaburi way, make a point of finding Suen Heng. The padthai made there is wonderful!

      The "standard" versions come sans noodles, but you can have them added. They have a great, locally made woonsen.

      1. For me, Pad Thai is a simple, everyday kind of dish. Nowadays, I usually get my fix from any S&P outlet I come across when I'm in Bangkok.

        Interestingly, when my Thai maternal grandparents were still alive back in the 1960s & when I spent most of my holidays there, I didn't remember Pad Thai as being that popular or common at the time.

        1. I can’t say Thip Samai serves “the best” Pad Thai in Bangkok because I haven’t tried it in every restaurant in Bangkok but what they serve is the best I’ve ever eaten. Different variations of pad thai is all that is on the menu. My personal favorite is known as Superb Pad Thai. It comes with fried vermicelli, shrimp roe and shrimp and is wrapped in a thin pancake of fried egg. On our last visit a couple months ago it was 60 baht.

          This is an open air (3-walled) place and frequently has a line. Just walk in and seat yourself. If you see a 4-top with only 2 people there, sit down beside them. There's also a really good little desert cart set up just outside the doorway.

          Thip Samai
          02 221-6280
          313 Mahachai Rd, Phranakorn, Bangkok

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          1. re: mediakzar

            Since I'm Thais and born and live in Bangkok.

            Thip Samai is the best to have Pad Thai

            but if you want to find something easier, try MOMO Cafe at Marriot Courtyard hotel.

            I have to say that the original of Phad Thai have a lot of garnish to put in which you cannot find from S&P or anywhere from stand on the road.

          2. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the recommendations.

            I used to come to thailand every summer and have been living here for about a year now. I remember there used to be carts that would sell phad thai, and they seem not to be around anymore. The ones that I have tried, have generally been really greasy or excessively sweet. I've had a nostalgia for the perfectly chewy noodles and balance of sweet and heat, with fresh beansprouts and the fixings.

            I'll give Thip Samai a try. And if im ever up in Kanchanaburi I'll keep an eye out for Suen Heng.

            Thanks again,

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            1. re: pandadero

              the pad thai is the paragon food court is actually very good!