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Mar 18, 2010 02:07 AM

Sunday dinner south London

Any suggestions for next Sunday evening in Battersea, Wandsworth, Putney or Chelsea? (I would have gone for the Prince of Wales but it's quiz night with burgers and sandwiches). Tom Ilic and Enoteca are both closed on Sundays.

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  1. The Painted Heron in Chelsea for upmarket Indian, Chez Bruce in Wandsworth

      1. re: JanePond

        The Canton Arms serves food til 4.30pm, Stockwell. I went to Trinity on a sunday i Clapham, the food and service was wonderful and they are open on the evening. The Pigs Ear off the Kings Road good be a good call.

        1. re: justmarried

          The Pig's Ear is a great one, I was going to suggest that myself! Has anyone been to Chelsea Ram or Lots Road pub? I've heard they're supposed to be good too.

          1. re: TheSwedishFish

            We're going to the Painted Heron. I'll report back.

      2. I would have suggested a place called The Establishment on Battersea Rise, amazing Roast.

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        1. re: PavlovsDog

          Well, Painted Heron fitted the bill pretty well (though The Establishment would have been closer to home). We had the set menu for £25, very good value. Three interesting home-made chutneys - avocado, garlic & tamarind, pineapple. Excellent naan, good chicken tikka, cleansing lemon sorbet, rogan josh not so exciting, buttery mango kulfi lollypop. Huge amounts - we had doggy bags. A particularly good wine list.