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Duck legs - where to buy in Los Angeles - moved from Home Cooking board

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I was interested in trying the recipe recently published in the New York Times for Duck Confit made without duck fat. Unfortunately I can't figure out where to buy duck legs. I know I could buy whole ducks, but to be honest I don't relish the idea of buying four whole ducks just for this recipe. I had my hopes pinned on 99 Ranch, but they don't carry duck legs either fresh or frozen. I'm thinking of trying Harvey Guss, as I am told that they can get anything you order.

Any ideas?

Also, would prefer not to order online.


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  1. I know duck breasts are available at Bristol Farms. It would stand to reason that they have other body parts, yes?

    1. Try Whole Foods and Bristol Farms - The OC Whole Foods always has duck legs.

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      1. re: OCEllen

        My WF has them in the deli dept but they're already confit├ęd.

        1. re: rainey

          The WF I go to has them whole, two to a package, in the poultry area of the meat dept.

          1. re: OCEllen

            Oh. Glad to hear that. They may well have them at all WFs and I just never looked farther than the deli dept.

      2. in our meat market the price of a duck breast is very close to that of a whole duck. the marginal cost of the legs on a whole bird is very low, so i'm happy to do a smidge of butchering at home.

        1. I don't know for sure, but try phoning Puritan Poultry in the farmers market at 3rd and Fairfax.

          Puritan Poultry
          6333 W 3rd St # 226, Los Angeles, CA

          1. Which 99 Ranch Market did you go to? They always have them in Rowland Heights. They are frozen though.

            99 Ranch
            17713 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

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              McCall's meat and fish in Los Feliz had whole ducks, and just duck legs the other day

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                The Arcadia 99 Ranch has - or at least USED to have - non-frozen duck legs in tray packs for around $3.50/lb. That's where I got legs for my last two duck-confit exercises.

                99 Ranch
                17713 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

              2. I have seen frozen packages of duck legs at several Asian markets. They were not expensive.

                1. Whole Foods in Woodland Hills has them on a regular basis in or near the meat department (by the poultry). It's good duck, and beautiful for the duck recipe from the NYT. There are better recipes, but that's a great one to start with.

                  1. Second McCall's Meat & Fish in Los Feliz. Often in their case - but they can supply most anything with advance notice. .. .

                    1. The San Gabriel SuperStore (Valley Blvd & San Gabriel Blvd) always have them.

                      1. The Arcadia Supermarket on Duarte Rd in Arcadia has them for $4-something a pound.

                        1. I saw them at Whole Paycheck yesterday in Redondo Beach---$4.99/lb

                          1. Figeroa Produce and Mcall's Meat and Fish...


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                              fig produce does NOT carry duck, btw. i just called.

                              1. re: virtual balboa

                                Thanks for the the update. They used to, but since they are a small shop, they tend to try things and if it doesn't work out, move on....


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                                  Got some on Monday at San Gabriel Super Store. Roasted them last night. Mighty tasty.

                              2. Any tips on where to get ducks or duck parts at a good price? I have occasionally scored some at $0.99/lb at asian markets in teh past but can't seem to find anything like that now. I would like to get ~4 ducks at a time for dismantling into breasts/fat/confit but don't want to pay $4/lb.

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                                  I bought 10 frozen "mature" ducks at Shun Fat in Westminster about a month ago. I think they were 1.99 a pound. They're pretty tough birds - I used them in cassoulet so low and slow for confit, and then more low and slow when stewing with the beans. The skin isn't plucked all that well - so you can use the fat, but the skin is kind of a drag. Shun Fat also has fresh duck leg/thighs, duck breaks, and whole ducks for sale - I think it was 4.59 a pound for the legs/thighs, 3 or 4 a pound for whole ducks.