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Mar 17, 2010 10:20 PM

Peas, please

Every year about this time I start looking for green peas (a.k.a. English peas) at the local supermarkets and they're always hard to find. I know it's a little early for local crops, but I can't even find any non-local ones. Local ones show up in May and June and are then gone for the year. It seems that they should be available for more of the year, as I would think they would travel well.

Looking for sources mostly in the Rozzie, West Roxbury, Dedham corridor but will check out other places, especially if they have them now. Someone will probably say Russo's but that's really inconvenient for me.

To clarify, I'm not looking for snow peas or sugar snap peas, which are widely available all year. I like the green peas because you can just sit down with a pile of them, pop the pods open and eat the peas right out of the pods.

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  1. Call Russo's and ask them if they have them and if not, when they will arrive. I'll be they can give you an answer.


    1. It's still a bit early for English peas, I think - Russo's had snow peas and sugar snaps last Saturday, but I haven't seen shell peas at all yet.

      1. My roommate picked some up from Russo's last week and I saw some there this past Monday.