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where can i find Sport Ritter White Chocolate with Hazelnuts??

where can i find Sport Ritter White Chocolate with Hazelnuts?? Can't find it anymore... :( Would really appreciate your help!!! THANK YOU!

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      1. walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart.... no luck..
        don't want to buy online though.

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          i get mine here

          Marina Food
          2992 S Norfolk St, San Mateo, CA 94403

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            Dittmer's in Mountain View carries more varieties of Ritter than most places in the South Bay/Peninsula. Give them a try.

            1. re: mangosteens

              Confirmed -- saw white, dark and milk chocolate versions with hazelnuts at Dittmer's today. $2.69 each. Note, Dittmer's isn't open on Sundays.

              The Milk Pail also had the white and milk varieties, $2.99.

            2. re: ellenswork

              I see Sport Ritter at Trader Joe's, but not sure if they carry the white chocolate that you want...

              1. re: Rapini

                TJ's only carries a couple of their bars.

                I saw the white chocolate hazelnut today at Berkeley Bowl West -- they have a pretty good selection. Actually, they have the best selection of chocolate bars of any supermarket I know of.

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                Cost Plus world market usually have a good selection of Ritter Sport.

              3. If you work in downtown SF, you might try that candy shop in Rincon Center.

                Rincon Center
                121 Spear St # B18, San Francisco, CA

                1. Have you checked with Fog City News in SF?


                  Fog City News
                  455 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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                    I don't believe Fog City carries Ritter sport -- not high-end enough for them. If they do, it's only a couple of flavors.

                    1. On a side note...today at a Chevron gas station in Los Angeles there was a Sport Ritter display at the register and they had white chocolate with hazelnuts and I was tempted to see what the fuss was about, but passed.

                      1. I saw some today at West Berkeley Bowl.

                        Berkeley Bowl
                        2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

                        1. Spotted them today at Fry's Electronics on Arques in Sunnyvale(!!!)

                          1. If you know any UCSF people, they sell them @ Cafe 24 on the Mission Bay campus, and also at the bookstore (1st floor Genentech). The bookstore seems to carry every flavor. HTH

                            1. I saw them by one of the checkout counters at the Mill Valley Market yesterday.

                              Mill Valley Market
                              12 Corte Madera Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941