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Mar 17, 2010 08:01 PM

Best Portsmouth Area Breakfast

Friendly Toast, Colby's, Golden Egg?? Is there a better choice?

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  1. We really liked Colby's Breakfast & Lunch....stopped on our way to Portland last Sept. Small place, so it looked like a good idea to get there early.

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      unfortunately, the breakfast scene is very limited. i personally would rule out colbys and the toast both for being overpriced for the bad service (at the toast, the service is legendarily awful amongst us locals). one alternative though, a number of the better restaurants in the downtown area do a sunday brunch menu. Radici's is decent, the frittata was delightful, but I would rather recommend Rudi's, as their food is consistently beautiful and delicious, if lacking a little creativity.

      1. re: j_cro

        I have to agree with J_cro (though I've never eaten at the Golden Egg or the Toast). I recently ate at Colby's and found the food average and the girl that served us had no personality whatsoever. Young, hipsters in the area flock to the place, but I just don't get it. Friendly Toast, however, is a local institution and though I've heard horror stories about the service and cleanliness, the menu is innovative and may be worth trying.

        The Friendly Toast
        121 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

        1. re: bewley

          I've been wanting to try out the Golden Egg, and I hope someone with a lead on the place can give us some insight... I rarely get down into the Portsmouth area for breakfast these days, but I can say that, while the food at the Toast is pretty tasty, it is not a good idea to go there while you're hungry. The service is so atrocious I've pretty much sworn off the place completely. I'll usually give a restaurant a number of chances, but when it goes 3/3 in regards to bad service, that's when it's no longer worth my money.

          For what it's worth, I've read mixed, though mostly positive, reviews on Fresh Local Bayside. It's down the road in Newington, and supposedly good.

          1. re: BigFatDynamo

            sorry, probably should have mentioned in my original post that the golden egg is a favorite stop of mine. i've been well over 10 times in the past couple years, and tried various menu items all to much satisfaction. their homemade granola featuring parfait is great, and actually has fresh rather than frozen fruit. every egg i've had has been perfectly cooked, the bearnaise is homemade and beautiful. also, their baked goods are fairly good. and they are definitely cheaper and more customer friendly than the supposedly amicable toast or colbys.

            1. re: j_cro

              I agree with you about Colbys. We were there about 1 year ago. We waited in the alley, it was nice that they had coffee outside for waiting diners. Our table for 2 was so small, our dishes could hardly fit, over-crowded. Food was good but an uncomfortable experience. The Golden Egg is excellent. Local people. Great menu and service. Friendly Toasty, although a local popular "spot", I wanted to take a swiffer cloth and dust all the memoribiia. Food was better than ok, but strange combinations. Popovers is good for either pastries, coffee, and an egg sandwich on the best bread, and yummy bacon. You order at the counter, and sit at a spacious table and have room to read the newspapers. Hope this helps. Let us know what you liked. I have excellent breakfast suggestions for Portland.

    2. I'm partial to The Toast as regs would call it. I've been going there since I was 17, so for about 6 years. Yes, service can be crappy at times, the crowd pretty strange, and the servers look like they belong in rock bands or a tattoo shop. But, no one can deny that their food is tasty, innovative and very refreshing. I love the Toast because it's age-old classics with added flair. It's stuff you dream of eating. Almond joy pancakes? Come on now! Delicious! Bleu cheese and I think swiss cheese fries with a strawberry dipping sauce is AMAZING! Disgustingly greasy, but oh so good. Or the NH's Finest is one of my faves.
      It must be noted they are not only meat eater friend, but to the vegetarians and vegans! Their vegan valhalla is an obsession of mine and I love eating meat!

      1. Don't miss Fresh Local Bayside in Newington - from folks who run Fresh Local Truck, right by Great Bay Marina, on the water. Quirky, but chef-driven and excellent.