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Mar 17, 2010 08:00 PM

2 Days, 1 Night in Newport - Recommendations for Lunch & Dinner?

My boyfriend and i are spending this Friday and Saturday in Newport and would love some restaurant recommendations. We have breakfast plans for Saturday, but we still need:
- 2 lunches
- somewhere cool for pre-dinner cocktails
- 1 dinner - can be upscale (but doesn't have to be)

We'll try anything - dive, diner, seafood, or steakhouse - as long as it's good and not too stuffy (we're both 25)! We'll have a car, so getting around is not a problem. Thanks!

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  1. Wow, there's a lot of places and the weather is going to be NICE!

    Off the top of my head... For lunch I'd eat at The Black Pearl, Red Parrot (good for dinner and pre-dinner drinks as well and after dinner drinks) and Brick Alley Pub. For dinner I'd eat at the Cooke House, Sardellas or H2O (H2O is a restaurant overlooking the ocean that used to be an Irish Pub). There are so many good eateries there. Really. I discovered Newport at the age you are now and I very much enjoyed the Brick Alley Pub and Red Parrot. Both are in a great location. Both are good. Both are affordable. Both have a big menu.

    Hope this helps. All places are right along Thames except Sardellas which is up the hill between Thames and the Tennis Hall Of Fame.

    By the way, no need for a car in Newport. All those places are within walking distance.

    Red Parrot
    348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

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      I agree on the Red Parrot--I am about your age and we really enjoyed it when we were there for lunch.

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        I second Salvation Cafe. Fun & funky, beautiful patio out back, interesting & yummy food.

        fwiw, I do not recommend the Red Parrot. I've eaten there several times, and, while nothing was terrible, nothing was particularly impressive either.

        Red Parrot
        348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

      2. Restaurant week starts tomorrow - this is a good website, with links to almost all the menus.

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          For lunch we like the Brick Alley or Black Pearl.

          For dinner I love Fluke, a bit on the upscale side and very good. The chorizo croquettes are wonderful.
          For some fun after dinner, we like the Pelham or for a little more mellow, the Brick Alley, again :)

        2. Pour Judgment on Broadway would be a good choice for lunch. The burgers are top notch and they have the best beer selection in Newport.

          Pour Judgement
          32 Broadway, Newport, RI

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            Hey MGM2n, be sure to tell us where you ate. I haven't been to Newport since last Summer so it's nice to hear some report.