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Mar 17, 2010 07:54 PM

Cost Plus World Market and great food buys?

I have very rarely shopped at one of these, but found myself in one today. They had some different food packages. Is there anything there worth trying?

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  1. The only food I've bought recently was a packet of chipotle chili powder for .99 and it's pretty good....better than the darn McCormick's for $4.19. Does sherry vinegar count? Bought a bottle of that a few months ago...seems very good--it's my first bottle of the stuff so I don't have a reference for comparison but I cannot afford $14 at Whole Foods for sherry vinegar.

    1. I shop there frequently and find a lot of good values. Spice packets, like herbs de provence are only 99 cents. Hard to beat.

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        ditto on spices
        also fun to build your own 6 pack of beer sometimes and be able to try some off the wall brews.

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          I like the pink Hawaiian sea salt. It makes a great table salt for the salt shaker, especially if the shaker is clear!.

        2. The lacey cookies with chocolate in the middle are awesome.

          1. I'm obsessed with the English Heinz english beans in tomato sauce - ate them in Edinburgh when I studied abroad in 97....they are super cheap there. Also, they have good coffee, simmer sauces, spices and snack foods. Yum - I love Cost Plus!

            1. Cost Plus carries Blue Elephant curries, etc., from the Blue Elephant Restaurant in Bangkok. They are really good.