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Cost Plus World Market and great food buys?

I have very rarely shopped at one of these, but found myself in one today. They had some different food packages. Is there anything there worth trying?

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  1. The only food I've bought recently was a packet of chipotle chili powder for .99 and it's pretty good....better than the darn McCormick's for $4.19. Does sherry vinegar count? Bought a bottle of that a few months ago...seems very good--it's my first bottle of the stuff so I don't have a reference for comparison but I cannot afford $14 at Whole Foods for sherry vinegar.

    1. I shop there frequently and find a lot of good values. Spice packets, like herbs de provence are only 99 cents. Hard to beat.

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        ditto on spices
        also fun to build your own 6 pack of beer sometimes and be able to try some off the wall brews.

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          I like the pink Hawaiian sea salt. It makes a great table salt for the salt shaker, especially if the shaker is clear!.

        2. The lacey cookies with chocolate in the middle are awesome.

          1. I'm obsessed with the English Heinz english beans in tomato sauce - ate them in Edinburgh when I studied abroad in 97....they are super cheap there. Also, they have good coffee, simmer sauces, spices and snack foods. Yum - I love Cost Plus!

            1. Cost Plus carries Blue Elephant curries, etc., from the Blue Elephant Restaurant in Bangkok. They are really good.

              1. We end up using their Tiger Tinger Indian simmer sauces about once a week when we're not motivated to cook from scratch, and really like the no salt added Japanese noodles.

                The international junk foods section is also fun if you don't have a local Asian/Mexican/British specialty market you're a regular at. Their McVittie's selection is larger than what you find in general grocers, and I always seem to come away from there with some Australian Arnitt's cookies.

                1. The tortilla chips there -- Xochitl, I think, in large brown paper bags -- are really light and crispy and delicious, far better than any Tostitos-style chips you would buy anywhere else.

                  Sometimes they have Zapp's kettle-cooked potato chips, which are hard to find outside of Louisiana and come in great flavors like Creole Tomato-Tabasco and Cajun Crawtater. I always buy a bag or two if they have them.

                  My wife loves the dark chocolate sea salt caramels from Jo's Candies (in the large chocolate section), and I always like some of the dry sausages and salamis, which are often cheaper than they are at Publix.

                  They also have a good selection of "microbrewed" root beers and sodas, including mini-kegs of Virgil's root beer, perfect for partying with fellow non-drinkers.

                  If you shop even semi-regularly at Cost Plus World Market, make sure you sign up for their "Explorer" e-mail list. They send out great coupons quite regularly, including $10 off anything on your birthday (with a month to spend it).

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                    I agree about the Xochitl Tortilla Chips. Tried them Saturday at Giant Eagle. They are $3.99 lb bag this week. So good and NO salt, gluten or preservatives. I must have some today as I keep thinking about them. Their salsas were also good (green and dark red (spicy).

                  2. I do a fair amount of BBQ'ing and there North Carolina BBQ sauce is a stand out.

                    1. I don't go there often, but when I do I always stock up on anchovy paste in a tube and double concentrated tomato paste in a tube. The magnetic spice containers are handy, too.

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                        What does one use the tomato paste in a tube for? Sounds good.

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                          Use it for anything that calls for just a tablespoon or two of tomato paste so you don't have to open up a can! It lasts indefinitely in the tube.

                      2. Cost Plus stopped carrying Vincenzi lady fingers for my tiramisu, that was a let down. I used to buy a chunk of Ghirardelli chocolate there that I would grate for the tiramisu. They may still carry it, but since they didn't carry the cookies, I left without buying anything.

                        1. My experience is that they have a broad selection of international foods, but they aren't necessarily a bargain, particularly when so many supermarkets are ramping up their specialty foods. Some of the wines are good deals, though -- especially when they are on sale. I've found bottles at Cost Plus that are $10 cheaper than at Whole Foods. (They're side by side in Chicago so it's easy to compare.)

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                            Our World Market has recently added Blue Dragon Nori Sheets...10 sheets for $2.99! THAT is a great deal...our small Asian store sells them for $6.99!