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Mar 17, 2010 07:28 PM

suggestions for good/inexpensive (veg??) Indian lunch buffets??

I love trying out lunch-time Indian buffet. If I'm driving around town and I see a place I've not eaten at yet; I'll make a point of trying their lunch buffet, if they have one. As a strict vegetarian, I tend to prefer the choices I get at a veg restaurant. But I've also been to meat-based restaurants who's buffet also had tons of veg dishes that were great.

So, what places have you been to that you'd recommend? I live in the Westside, so places in/around there are best. But I'd also live to know about BH, Valley, etc. It would be most helpful if you'd include the places' names, approx price of lunch buffet, location, and also why you especially like this place. I'll give my own example.

Chandni, in Santa Monica. About $8. All veg. Each day, 4 dishes (changes from day-to-day), plus rice, nan, rice pudding, raita included.

Why? They make some of the best nan I've had in LA. Inexpensive, and food is almost always very tasty, including the best muttar paneer I've had--period!. Very friendly staff.

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  1. I'd suggest Woodlands at 9840 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Unit A, Canoga Park. We had the buffet--it was not expensive but I don't remember the price now. It was excellent. Vegetarian. Sister to the place of the same name on Artesia Blvd. Pleasant, clean room and courteous service. When we went, they were a bit lax about labeling the dishes, but we knew many of them, and the ones we didn't know all turned out to be something we wanted to know.

    1. i enjoy the lunch buffet at Jaipur on pico in west LA.
      although not all dishes are vegetarian, there should be enough vegetarian food to satisfy you.
      i particularly like that they serve a variety of salads and i like their carrot pickle a lot.

      caveat: my tastes are surely different from yours in that i didn't care for chadni at all--their food seemed watery to me--so jaipur may not be to your liking. . . .

      weekday lunch around $10 before tip as i recall.

      for weekend lunch, i like the india restaurant in artesia. can't remember the price.