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New Guatamalen Restaurant Hope St. Stamford Adam Been yet?

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So anyone been what or order and what are they know for? Clean? Thanks and look forward to your thoughts,

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  1. Do you have a name or location? I went to queztal deli on Hope. Been there for about 5 years. It was OK... is that what you are referring to?

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        I'm trying to figure out a scenario where a restaurant is both peruvian and guatemalen. I mean, I guess it can happen (Maya is sort of that way, depending on who is actually cooking the food that day). but the cuisines and locations aren't close at all. It's a strange marriage, I guess. That's where I struggle with Mi Ranchito. Still need to go...

        Mi Ranchito
        153 Main St Apt 1, Marlborough, MA 01752