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Mar 17, 2010 06:36 PM

Some questions about Asiate

Hi all,

I'm going to be dining at Asiate in a few weeks and I have some questions about the menus.

First, I noticed they offer a 3-course menu and a larger tasting menu. Do they require that everyone at the table choose the same menu?

Also, do you have a menu preference based on prior dining experiences? Some restaurants do a wonderful job of ensuring that the tasting menu features the best the chef has to offer that evening, and in the perfect order.

Are there additional courses offered with both menus, such as an amuse, bread, other small tastes?

In terms of dress code, is it jacket or jacket & tie?

Finally, I'd appreciate any additional advice you might have, including must order items. Thank you in advance for your help.

80 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10023

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  1. 1. No
    2. 3-course is probably sufficient. Tasting menu does not disappoint.
    3. I remember an amuse bouch (teeny weeny thing that came on a spoon) and bread. I don't recall any other extras.
    4. Jacket is fine. My date had no tie on when we went.
    5. Either Etuvee or Prawn for appetizer

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      1. re: BRB

        Have you gone yet? I was looking at this one for my "pay for the view" meal. I've done the rainbow room, which I felt had awesome service but the price was for the view and service, not the food -- similar to our Space Needle, you are paying for the view, not the food. Any other Central Park recommendations? I see Tavern on the Green closed. Thanks!

        1. re: kessdarln

          I just returned from my meal at Asiate - I liked, didn't love. Things got off to a wonderful start with gruyere, cayenne and nori gougeres which were very tasty. An amuse of a strawberry "yolk" (which exploded when eaten) mixed with rhubarb was also delicious.

          Then came appetizers which were also excellent. I had the blue prawn with arugula and house made udon in papillote. It was buttery, a little garlicky, and just fantastic. My slightest complaint is that the prawns were very slightly overcooked, but not enough to detract much from the outstanding flavors. A tuna degustation and a shellfish etuvee with a coconut-herb broth were also very good to excellent.

          I didn't think main courses were as successful. I had the wagyu beef which although perfectly cooked, was slightly spoiled by being over-sauced. The short rib portion of the dish was not affected and was so tender and delicious.

          Miso black cod was fine, but this dish has become as boring to me as molten chocolate cake. Sea bass and lobster were both fine but nothing special.

          Desserts were pretty strong. I particularly liked my lemon-lime gateau with lime sorbet and a marshmallow.

          Overall, it was a nice meal, just not great. But to be fair, I don't think they're charging prices that would be expected if it was a great restaurant . . . not that it's cheap by any means.

          But the food was good and the service was top notch. So in short, I guess you could do a lot worse.

          80 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10023

          1. re: kessdarln

            The Central Park Boathouse has a gorgeous lake view. I know a lot of people diss the food, but we've had lunch in the dining room (not the grill deck) twice, and everything we had was well-prepared and delicious. Note that our last time there was summer of '08, so I can't say what the status of the food is right now.