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Mar 17, 2010 05:31 PM

Good Bakery in Mississauga-French Corner Bakery

I stumbled upon a good French bakery in Mississauga (Dundas just West of Erindale Station Road, south side in the plaza with the Royal Bank where Credit Valley Fruit used to be). It is called French Corner Bakery and Patisserie run and owned by a young couple-chef is European trained. For a short time it was called the Sphinx Bakery. Everything is made on the premise and very fresh. Breads were very tasty as were the danish and spice cake. Pastries and cakes looked delicious. They make soup, salads, and sandwiches for lunch as well which looked really good. I don't think it is well known yet. It is close to where I live and I look forward to trying it again. 1224 Dundas St. West.#114. 905-566-1919.

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  1. Thanks. Mississauga's almost bereft of small, quality bakeries that do better than generic, pre-fab pastries and cakes. Looking forward to trying it.

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      I agree, that's why I am excited about it. I was there again today. I spoke to the owner. Plan is to expand the number of sit down tables, offer gelato, crepes etc. in the future. Prices seem reasonable.

    2. Yes, great bakery and the best chocolate cake and pasteries. Try their orange chocolate bar and brioche. Yum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      1. Tried it today. Very nice fresh baguettes and croissants, probably the best I've had in Mississauga and a welcome break from industrial baked goods. They sell out quickly, so a.m. visits are best. Thanks again for the tip, mangoginger.

        1. Thank you so much, mangoginger, for posting this recommendation. I took your advice, and gave them a try, and all I can say is that I'm hooked. I go in there at least twice a week now, and I buy a box of pastries each time. I love the freshness, and I love the presentation/design, and the original combinations (like white chocolate/passionfruit, and mango mousse with chocolate). I actually served a big platter of their pastries as the dessert for our big Thanksgiving meal, and everyone was wowed. We also love their fresh loaves of organic multi-grain bread and their mini baguettes. And I've introduced some friends to their muffuletta and Cajun chicken sandwiches for lunch. Yum !

          1. I have been a fan of the french corner for the last couple of years what a lovely owner. He is one of the few decent french bakers in the GTA. He produces consistently excellent classics; the croissant, danish and baguettes are always done properly.

            I did find another bakery in Mississauga today that BLEW ME AWAY! Its called sweets in the heartland centre a few doors down from california sandwiches. The pastries are IMHO better than thuet and patachou. I know that's a big claim..but this lady knows here stuff. You can find sweets and confections there you cant get anywhere else except Paris, NYC, maybe montreal.
            Just goes to show you can find gastro bliss in the most unlikely places!

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              "You can find sweets and confections there you cant get anywhere else except Paris, NYC, maybe montreal."

              Like what? It's nothing but drab franchises in that area since few indies can afford the rent.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                I think the post meant items at the bakery called SWEETS.....

                1. re: mangoginger

                  Understood. I'm still a bit curious about the lack of specfics beyond "sweets and confections." Aren't you?

              2. re: urbanegastrojedi

                Well, it's like comparing apples and oranges. I went over to Sweets this morning, and found mostly chocolate, candy, and mini-macarons. They also had gelato, crepes, waffles, and smoothies. There were no tarts, no French pastries other than 5 flavors of mousse, and no big assortment of breads like you'd find at French Corner Bakery. There were just a few cakes, and a small assortment of other baked goods (nothing exciting). I bought a cranberry/blueberry scone and a cinnamon bun, but couldn't take more than a bite of either. The raspberry mousse pastry was good though.
                It seems that most of the exciting stuff on their menu is by special order, or for catering. Or maybe I just went on the wrong day.
                Seeing as I'm more a lover of French pastry than confectionery, I won't be going back. And they definitely don't compare to Montreal. But I'm sure Sweets will appeal to some. And their decor was lovely.
                However, this experience makes me appreciate the French Corner Bakery even more. Especially for their larger selection and their reasonable prices.

                1. re: succeed

                  Thanks. That whole area just doesn't deliver, foodwise. Sweets is the only one I've not tried--rather glad I didn't bother.

                  1. re: succeed

                    I have noticed the exact same thing as you did, succeed. It was on a Saturday afternoon around 2'ish. Even though it was pretty much empty, the staff wasn't as enthusiastic as they should be when a new customer was spending some minutes looking at the cakes display. The fact that the whole place smell like bleach turned me off instantly.

                    I was very disappointed and I won't be back. I have yet to try the French Corner Bakery.

                    1. re: dessertgal

                      French Corner Bakery does run out of the more popular baked goods fairly quickly, so don't wait till later in the day if possible.

                    2. re: succeed

                      Sweets seems to be out of business now