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Mar 17, 2010 05:10 PM

Ideal Friday night meal in Chicago

We are going to be in Chicago (WRP) this weekend to do our Pesach shopping. None of our friend can have us for Friday night dinner, so I need to do a takeout Shabbos. Chicagoans, please give me your ideal (preferably not too Ashkenazi and somewhat healthy) Shabbos menu.

My husband wants to try the sushi from Good Morgan...


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  1. Taboun has a Shabbos take out menu - as does Mizrahi both are excellent - The Jewel in Evanston has rotisserie and fried chicken along with the side and you can also do carry out form Tein Li Chow as well -

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      Although the request is for takeaway, does Chicago have any prepaid Shabbos meals available? I remember hearing years ago of the Ritz Carlton offering a five course Ashkenaz Shabbos dinner that was under someone's supervision.

      1. re: Dovid

        Just take-out options. If the Ritz ever offered a Kosher meal (never heard that it did) it no longer does.